Picked Triplets in reels.

  1. crisscross
    I'm fairly new to the Tenor Banjo. After seeing Gerry O'Connor on Youtube, I had to have one of these instruments too, so I ordered a Goodtime Openback 17-Fret. So far it's tuned CGDA.
    I ordered O'Coonor's book, but I have to confess, to me it is kind of a letdown, mainly because he doesn't indicate the pick-direction when playing triplets in fast tempos.
    In hornpipes, with their slower tempo and swung eight notes, you have enough time to play two eights in a row with an upstrole and thus coming back to the normal routine after a triplet has thrown you off.
    But in reels with their faster tempo?
    Here's my take on the hornpipe "Off to california" wich is also included in O'Connor's Book.
    Are their any other books with a more thourough explanation of the subject?
    Thanks for any hints.
  2. gortnamona
    enda scahill's books are great ,he goes into pick direction in detail. tune sounded good to me.

  3. crisscross
    Thanks for the hint. Alas, the book is not available in Germany, so I'll have to wait till I place my next order at Elderly.
    From what I could see on the sample pages, the trebles are played DUD with the next note beginning with a downstroke, that is two downs in a row.
    I kind of master this technique in moderate tempo jigs, but reels??
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