Week #271 ~ Sugar Hill

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week was a close one... the winner was Sugar Hill, which was submitted as an Old Time tune. I'm not familiar with it.

    Here is a link to the standard notation on Traditional Old Time Music.

    Here's a video of a medley of Arkansas Traveler and Sugar Hill.

    Here's another of Sugar Hill.

    and other:

  2. audioz
    Four ABC versions can be found here: JC's ABC Tune Finder

    Midi file, sheet music pdf, and MP3 can be found here: http://www.mne.psu.edu/lamancusa/tunes.html This version is very similar to the last video posted.

  3. Marcelyn
    And here's a medium speed demo of Tommy Jerral's version from Danny Miller...
    Here he is again playing it up to speed...

    I'm not completely sure, but I'm thinking this slow demo from Paul Tyler sounds more like the version of Sugar Hill from Emmett Lundy...
    Here's Emmett Lundy's version with the lyrics...
  4. Marcelyn
    Here's a run through from me...
  5. mandoritz
    Really sweet. Loved it . I enjoyed the rhythmic tapping .
  6. jonny250
    Really nice Marcy, you have that OT sound there - with the rhythm.
  7. Marcelyn
    Thanks y'all. It's been a really fun one to work on.
  8. audioz
    Nice playing Marcelyn! I like the ornamentation and the whole thing flows really well. Which version did you learn or did you combine a few? Just wondering, what kind of mandolin are you playing? I like the sound of it.

  9. Marcelyn
    Thanks, Zac. I learned a slightly simplified take on Tommy Jarrell's version. Brad Leftwich broke it down really well in his Homespun video on Old-Time Fiddling, and that's where I first came across it. My mandolin was one of the very first ones Max and Lori Girouard made.
  10. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great version Marcelyn very rhythmic. I followed the traditional music notation but there seemed to be something wrong with it - the 5th bar only has 3 quarter notes so the fist four bar lines need to be moved back by a quarter note.
    Here it is anyway.
  11. Marcelyn
    Nice work, Maudlin. That's a happy sounding rendition.
  12. audioz
    Maudlin, it seems like we have a very similar A part. Nice playing!

    Marcelyn, that sure explains why it sounds so nice. I'd love to get one from the Girouards!

    I learned this tune from a version posted on JC's ABC Tune Finder. It is credited to Brad Leftwich but I think it's an iteration of Tommy Jerrell's version (yet sounds different from Marcelyn's which is also from Brad Leftwich/Tommy Jarrell ... hmm).

    Please forgive the small flubs, I still need to polish my playing a bit. Also not sure of the reason for all the goofy faces but oh well!

    Just in case you are curious, my mando is an Eastman 814 with Thomastik medium flatwound strings and I put a Tone Guard on the back for the recording.

  13. Marcelyn
    Very cool, Zac, you even did the lower octave too. Is this your first post here? I hope you stick around and play some more of these tunes for us. That really sounded great.
  14. fatt-dad
    We do play this tune at our local jam. I get it confused with, "Fortune" though, so I did have to think on it a bit. Here is my go playing my Larry Muth A5. I just laced it up with Sam Bush monels and driving with my Blue Chip CT 55.

    There are a few notes that you hear only because the wind from the pick caught the string. Oh well, too fast, too loud, too sloppy, but a fun tune.

  15. audioz
    I definitely need to steal some of your ornamentation F-D!

    Thanks Marcelyn! This is my second tune posted to the group. I look forward to posting many more!

  16. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Found this one on the list here that we were working on last night. Great OT tune.
  17. Marcelyn
    That's really nice playing, you two. I love it!
  18. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great duet!
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