Steffey Live

  1. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    Saw the Boxcars at Fivestringfest up in N.C. first of this month. First chance I've had to see Adam live, and he's the real deal. He was playing his Northfield (i believe), and as always, I was just knocked out by his clarity of notes and bell-like tone. The man is just a monster mando picker! One of my absolute favorites.
  2. GKWilson
    Michael, I saw the Boxcars for the first time last Friday and Saturday. What a show. They split the bill with Della Mae.
    And there were three other very good bands. What a great lineup for a small rural festival. Adam had a workshop
    Saturday morning. I actually picked up some good stuff. Those things are usually more glitz and glitter than meat and
    potatoes. Adam was playing a beautiful Ellis F5. He said that Northfield is making him a custom mandolin. A larger body
    [Big Mon], a wider nut [1 3/16], and I think he said a flat board. Said he would be getting it in about 3 months.
    What a nice guy. Very easy to talk to.
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