Internet transcription possibilities

  1. pigpen
    As an exceptionally cheap person (whenever possible), I've loved what I can find on Werner Icking's site

    I've worked through much (well...some) of Bach's cello suite transcriptions for violin and some of the Art of the Fugue adapted for violin. It's great!

    Anybody else have suggestions for how I can find good Bach online - especially that which exceptionally cheap? Anyone have suggestions for other great music of Bach (or similar composers) that I could enjoy? I'm not really good, but I'm persistent and I don't mind playing stuff that's supposed to be fast slowly.
  2. Ken_P
    The International Music Score Library Project ( is the main source for sheet music online. They have (I think) the complete works of Bach, not to mention many many other works by any composer you can think of. All of it is public domain, so it's completely free and legal.
  3. dj coffey
    dj coffey
    As a former student of the piano, I've enjoyed playing the two part inventions. These would probably make nice duets between a mandolin and an octave mandolin.
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