Week #266 Wheel Hoss

  1. Marcelyn
    This week's winner is a popular Monroe tune called Wheel Hoss.

    Here's tab from the Mandolin Cafe...


    Here's another site with 5 versions of mandolin tab and corresponding midi sound files.


    There sure are a lot of great versions out there!

    You can hear Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys here...


    Here's Wheel Hoss from Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe (1977) with Baker on fiddle and Monroe on mandolin...

    and streamed here...


    Here's Tony Williamson on a fun mandolin to hear...

    Here's Mike Compton on another Loar'...

    Here it is from the Punch Brothers--Chris Thile on mandolin...

    Here's Ricky Skaggs with a lightning-fast rendition...

    Here's Wheel Hoss from the Matt Flinner Trio...

    And one more--a duet from Frank Wakefield and Mike Compton...

    For those of us who want this slowed down just a tad, There are a few lessons.

    Here's a free part of a mandolin lesson from Chris Henry covering the A part...

    Here's the second part played somewhat slowly...

    Here's a helpful fiddle lesson that breaks the tune down note by note...


    Here's one more fiddle lesson, and he slows it down when he shows the fingering and bowing...

  2. Heath
    Hi all, love this tune! I've played this for a while, so thought I'd put together a quick video of how I play it.

  3. Marcelyn
    Heath! You're playing is outstanding! And the lesson is so generous. I'm going to start working on it. Thanks so much.
  4. Heath
    Thanks, Marcelyn.
  5. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    That is so helpful Heath, many many thanks for posting........I will work on it......
  6. jonny250
    really nicely played Heath! i like the 'stops' in there.
  7. Sasquatch
    Tough stuff, Heath!! As Big Mon would say; '...powerful..'
    Here is my stab at it. The last time I played this was at a jam with a local fiddle player that proceeded to play it at what must have been a 1000 bpm!! I stayed up but was sweating it out!
  8. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Oh my, two speed demons setting the bar a mile high for us. Great work guys
    Heath, it is very nice of you to provide this lesson.
    Sasquatch, what were you doing so high up on the neck? My music doesn't show that
  9. Heath
    Great job, Sasquatch. Nice set of variations and well played!!
  10. jonny250
    anyone enrolled with Mike M on the artistworks, there is a good lesson here, 2nd half: http://artistworks.com/masterclass/23345
  11. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Great Job Heath and Tim, really well played.

    Thanks for the link Jonny. Since having joined up with Mike Marshall in the Autumn I'm ashamed at my lack of involvement with his site, life and trying to memorise enough tunes to make a meaningful contribution to the local ITM session have got in the way. Having watched this lesson though I think I have got my annual subscription's worth (NFI). When Jonny says this is a good lesson he is really understating it. For those not signed up with artistworks, this isn't a formal lesson from Mike on this tune but just a video response he has recorded to one of the members who posted his version of it for critique. Mike's response is 19 mins long in which he covers how to hold the mandolin, how to make the upstrokes ring out, variations around the key notes of the melody, diatonic and chromatic, rhythmic variations, imitating the fiddle sound on the high notes and returning to the rhythm from a tremolo. And this is all of course generic information not specific to this tune (the particular tune itself is almost incidental).
    I've banked all this information for future reference but unfortunately wont be getting around to doing this tune justice. I'm expecting something special from you now Jonny though (no pressure )
  12. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    This tune is not the easiest to play, especially at a fast bluegrass tempo. Here's my effort with just some bare bones backing from my guitar. I have my custom speedshop t-shirt on just for the occasion... and keep your wrist real loose and relaxed!

  13. jonny250
    Sasquatch that was quick stuff! you have it in your fingers - i bet it sounds good with a band too
    Michael, also and as ever, great stuff i like what you were doing up the neck.

    I'm not even going to enter the race so here's my much sloooower effort, and James lol, no pressure

  14. Sasquatch
    Love the variations Michael!
    Jonny250- How cool to play this tune on the Octave!! Very good stuff. I am diggin' it!! I have been tinkering with an octave on occasion. My luthier has one and I used it for a Church Christmas program. May be one in my future.
  15. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Speedy versions from Heath, Sasquatch and Michael and a different idea from Johnny on the octave. Mine is the first few lines from the easiest of the 5 versions in tabledit.
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