We are indeed a quiet group!!

  1. Col George
    Col George
    Don shipped my latest Red Diamond, # 140, the Staats Red Diamond standard model.. I am very much looking forward to playing it & seeing how it compares to my V JUly 9 RD.

    Are any of y'all going to mandolin week at Swannanoah Gathering or the Bill MOnroe camp near Nashville ?
  2. Brian scott
    Brian scott
    I would love to make it to Nashville ,but im not sure yet. I went to Dons saturday and picked up my Vintage F5. He installed a flat fingerboard and reshaped the neck just a bit and he absolutely nailed it. I love this mandolin!!! Don is the best. He's working on a new batch right now and i cant wait to check em out. Let us know what you think about #140 when you get it.
  3. Col George
    Col George
    # 140 is very different from the Vintage series in that it has a brighter tone.. It has absolutely killer A & E strings.. It is fantastic on a mike, yet has plenty of power in an acoustic jam.

    I would say my July has a darker sound.
    Hard to choose which one to play.. Will be at Cherokee BG Fest this weekend & will have both
  4. Brian scott
    Brian scott
    That's cool. I would love to have two RD to choose from...LOL!! I also have a F5 Duff mandolin that sounds nice. I had to drop it back off at Dons when i picked up my RD because my three yr old took it for a test drive and broke the peghead. So im back down to one right now.
  5. Col George
    Col George
    3 yr olds can be hazardous to your instruments.

    My July 9 is just 1 yr & almost 1mo old.. It really is comming out. The A & E strings are getting stronger & stronger.. It is a very well balanced mandolin.. so far I haven't played any mandolin that I like any better than most Red Diamonds. I think Don has really come up with a new tecnique that really lets him make very good instruments consistently.

    Whenever I am playing # 251 ( July 9) someone always walks up & asks what kind of mandolin it is, and comments on its' volume , presence & tone.
  6. Brian scott
    Brian scott
    I have had had alot of compliments on my #232 vintage F5 also. Don is among the the best
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