Week #263 ~ Concerning Hobbits

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Concerning Hobbits. I'm not familiar with this tune, so any help would be appreciated!

    I found this on musescore.

    Here are some videos:

  2. luurtie
    I was watching "The Lord of the rings" some time ago and was touched by the beautiful music in this movie. I played my version by ear so I can't help you with tabs. The chords I used are:
    4/4 I D I D II D I D I G I Bm A I D I D I G I Bm A I D I D I D I AI BmI G A I A(half measure) I D I A F#mI BmI G I A I Bm I A I D I E I F# I F# I D I D I Bm I BmI G I A II (2x)

  3. Marcelyn
    What an incredibly beautiful early example, Hendrik. You get so much feeling into this piece. The only way it could be better is if you added your whistle. Thanks for the chords.
    Here's an online score with midid...

    Here's ABC notation
    T:Concerning Hobbits - Full Version
    C:Howard Shore
    Z:Merecraft of Larelin
    d/e/(f f)(a a) f3/2 e/ f/e/ |d4 z f2 a |b3 c' c'3 a |f3 g/f/ e3 d/e/ |f2 a2 f/(e/e) d3/2e/ |d4 z f2 a |b4 (a2 f2 |f4 e4) |d/e/(d d6) |d/e/f z2 z f z f |a/4 a/ e d e z4 z/4 |A/B/c z c2 d z B |F3 A E2 A2 |
    ^c2 Ac d/e/f z f |z2 z a f/4g/4 f/ e z d |
    e ^c2 c/4d/4c/ |
    B(f f) z2 z/ f/ b/ c'/ z |c'3 c'4 a |f3 g/f/ e3 d/e/ |f6 ff/g/ |a4 e4 |d/e/f z2 z f z f |e/f/^g z g z g z g |f/^g/ ^a3 =a a2 a/a/ |^a8 |DA, FA, FA DA |CA, EA, EA EA |DB, FB, FF DF |B,G, DG, CA, EC |DA, FA, FA DA |
    CA, EA, EA EA |DB, FB, FF DF |B,G, DG, CA, EC |d z f z df z2 |b z z2 z F Bc |d z A z d z A z |e z z2 e/f/(g g2) |d/e/(f f2) (a2 a)f/a/ |b6 z/ f/b/c'/ |c'3 c'4 a |f3 g/f/ e3 f/e/ |d z d z z4 |d/e/f z2 z f z f |
    a/4b/4a/e de z4 |A/B/c z c2 d z B |F3 A E3 F |D z D z z2 fa |c' z EG, EA EA |DB, FB, FF DF |B,G, B,G, CA, EC |d/e/f fa a f3/2 e/ f/e/ |d4 z f2 a |b3 c' c'3 a |f3 g/f/ e3 d/e/ |f2 a2 f/(e/e) d3/2e/ |d4 z g2 a |
    b4 (a2 f2 |f4 e4) |d/e/d z6 |]

    ABC notation can be converted to mandolin tab, sheet music, midi sound files, and standard notation here...

    I'm not sure, but in listening to the midi, I may have heard a few wrong notes in this ABC. Maybe someone who knows the piece can give it a look for us.

    Here's an orchestral version featuring mandolin...

    Here's a great version on mandolin with guitar backing...

    This one doesn't have mandolin, but the lively fiddle part offers another flavor and some good ideas...
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    I put together a multi-piece TEF (Tabledit file) - Guitar bass-line, Flute lead, Guitar backing, Mandolin lead, Mandolin backing. It's on the Forum for Song and Tune Projects - Thread for Social Group MP3 Posting...
    Not very professional, but fun - just 29 measures...
  5. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    This is gorgeous!
  6. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Hendrik -- very nicely done, very musical!

    I've recorded the tune today as a mandolin quartet, using the Michael Yu arrangement on Musescore posted by Barbara and Marcelyn.

    I found that it transfers nicely to mandolins -- I've recorded it on two mandolins, tenor guitar and mandocello, but the "guitar" part falls entirely into mandola range and can easily be played on that instrument for a true quarteto classico:

    Mandolins 1&2: Mid-Missouri M-0W
    Guitar: Ozark tenor guitar
    Mandocello: Suzuki MC-815


  7. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Listening back to the recording I uploaded yesterday with a day's distance, I decided that the first mandolin part could be improved. I've re-recorded it today, using a different mandolin (my Ceccherini bowlback) to separate the voices better. I've played it softer as well and I think it's an improvement.

    I've updated the links in the yesterday's post to point to the new version.

  8. Eddie Sheehy
    Martin, could you check out the Tef file I put in the forum - see post above - and see if it works for you? Tabled it or tefviewer will open it.
  9. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas

    Yes, your TEF file works fine (link) -- somewhat different arrangement from the Musescore one I used, but all the parts of the tune are there.

  10. Eddie Sheehy
    Thanks, Martin. I have my kids working on different parts. Hopefully I'll put it together next week.
  11. luurtie
    Nice work Martin. You played the complete tune, nice composition too. I would have replied earlier, but messages don't seem to work on my android tablet. I hope we get to here more versions, it is such a nice tune.
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