Eugenia (Scott Joplin)

  1. WillFly
    I've been working on Scott Joplin's lovely ragtime piece "Eugenia" - for tenor guitar, 2 guitars and acoustic bass. If you're interested, you can get to it here:
  2. GKWilson
    Wow Will. Your new site is high-class stuff. I'll have to change out of my work clothes before I go mucking around
    through there. Wouldn't want to get it dirty.
    Your new Joplin is very nice too. I gotta go back and listen again. That C part is very interesting.
  3. GKWilson
    I can't remember if I thanked you for posting the 'Le Tango' tabs.
    Things have been hectic around here. So, if I didn't please accept
    my belated thanks.
  4. WillFly
    Thanks Gary - the new site not only looks smart, it's very easy to keep up. I used "Weebly" to create it.

    The C part to Eugenia is great. There's a second harmony written there which I might put in at a later stage...
  5. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Great site update, Will! Latest offering, Eugenia, is well up to your usual standards of arranging and playing. always an inspiration to all of us.
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