Leftie tasting

  1. Rick Purcell
    Rick Purcell
    Greetings fellow lefties,
    I want to renew my offer for lefty mando tasting. I realize how hard it can be to find left handed mandolins to play and compare...so, I would like to offer an opportunity for a left handed player to come on over and play on some of my left handed beauties. I've got some really nice lefties and it would be fun to share the experience of playing them. If you are ever in the SF/Bay Area of Calif. and are itching to play some 'as good as it gets' left handed mandos, here's your chance.
    I know when I was looking for a left handed mandolin, I never saw one until I bought it, so I would like to offer the chance for someone to try out different kinds.
    contact me if you interested, Rick
  2. Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor
    Man - I'm going to be close on Memorial Day weekend. Plan to be in Reno, with Mando. Hope to pick with some of the folks I picked with in the early 80's. I know what you're talking about, I had to wait 4 months for the very first LH Collings MF. Dennis (The Mandolin Store) regularly has them in stock now.
    Has anyone taken you up on your generous offer?
  3. Rick Purcell
    Rick Purcell
    Jim, so far, you are the first reply. For the first couple of weeks I wondered why no one responded; I certainly would check it out if I saw an posting like that. The offer is still on the table so we'll see what happens...
    Equal rights for lefties, Rick
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