What'cha Got?

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  1. GDAE
    What kind of Eastman do you have? Mine, pictured in my avatar, is a 615. I've had it since December, and love it.
  2. Eddie Sheehy
    I have a 915, a 905 and a DGM1. I used to have an 807 2 pt (prototype), an 804 and a 615MDA Mandola. I love Eastman mandolins. I also got to play the rosewood and maple bowlbacks - a bit overpriced but very nice mandos. The only iffy one in the bunch was the 804 and I practically gave it away... I'm currently in scale-back mode probably only going to keep the DGM1... and the 915..... and the 905....

    I've uploaded my pics. There's pics of the DGM1 at:
  3. Laird
    Mine's an MD515. I bought it used in November (wanting to move up from my beginner's Kentucky) and it's all I could ask for! Beautiful instrument, beautiful sound.
  4. Santiago
    My avatar is a processed image of my 605 (Af) headstock. Recently played a 614 and was blown away by the sweet sound.
    MD904D - IBMA #13 (2 pt. oval hole).

    Great instrument.
  6. Jason Kessler
    Jason Kessler
    614, #37. Pretty much all I could ask for. Sweet, tubby tone. I removed all of the dampers that it came with, as I love all of the overtones. At my skill level, and with the level of my playing opportunities, I can't see ever upgrading.

    I'm not, as some are, bothered by the plain headstock logo. Some are also somehow bothered by the tailpiece; I love its understated deco styling, and it's one of my favorite designs out there. I'm not wild, though, about the rosette, which I consider a bit loud and busy, but if that's the ONLY thing about the instrument about which I'm lukewarm, the I've got the right instrument!
  7. Marc Berman
    Marc Berman
    I've got a 515. I just had the frets replaced with larger ones (.080 x .043), replaced the bridge with one from CA and got a new bone nut.
    My daughter's got a 505.
  8. imandolinin
    I've got the 515 as well and replaced the frets to larger about a year ago. It's number 408 built in 2006. I love the way it sounds. I've only been playing for 4 years, but this mandolin has everything I need.
  9. Plectrosaurus
    Mine is a 515 I picked out in Friendsville, Tn. on 6/9/06.
    Great setup by Steve. The tone and volume have turned many heads since then. Love it dearly.
  10. Plectrosaurus
  11. Plectrosaurus
  12. Laird
    Interesting to hear that a couple of you with 515s had the frets replaced with larger ones. What's the advantage of that? Also, is there a good reason to replace the stock bridge? Thanks!
  13. harmon
    I've had a 615 for over a year and had intonation problems on the frets closest to the nut but after working on the bridge it platys and sounds great. I recently purchased an Ac 720 dreadnaught guitar from Acoustic Vibes and was blown away by the sound and overall quality of this fine instrument and it looks nice too. I am sold on Eastman.
  14. auteq
    615 on the right of the baby in the avatar. Replaced the bridge after it bent, but sounds great and one of the best for the money...but of course you all are the choir.
  15. Wingfan
    2005 - 614 Got it here on Mandolin cafe!
  16. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    I purchased my MD-815 (#294) from Gianna Violin about 3 years ago and have been very pleased with it. During the first year the bridge cracked down the middle. I sent it back and Steve installed a husky bridge with a Fossil ivory top. I don't really know how much it improved the sound, but I like the look. I was new to the mandolin when I bought it, although I have flatpicked guitar for many years. Mostly I try to play fiddle tunes on the mandolin in an old-timey style. I am getting better, but I have trouble picking at the proper speed, a common problem, I know. I have the same problem flatpicking guitar. I'm retired now and try to play some every day.
  17. boogie
    I bought a 515 yesterday. I've been playing a little over a year and it was time to upgrade from the Framus mandolin I bought at a pawn shop for $40. With the 515 I am in absolute pure heaven. I tried them all at the music store and I kept coming back to the Eastman, even tho it was a little more than I intended to pay.
  18. Tim Pike
    Tim Pike
    I have the 504 and love it! I have a picture in my folder but will try and get some close-ups soon. The wood grain is awsome along with the sound.
  19. Caleb
    I've got a 505 that I bought here on the Cafe. It's the best 4 bills I've ever spent.
  20. John Uhrig
    John Uhrig
    I bought my 514 2 years ago from The Mandolin Store. Best thing I ever did, except for putting medium TI strings on it.
  21. Mando Smash
    Mando Smash
    I got my MD 815 In May. I upgraded from a A style acoustic Fender mandolin. Just to see if i would like plying an instrument I fell in love instantly After 1 year of playing. I got my 815. The mandolin has been my 1st and only instrument I have ever played. I plan on many more years of playing.
  22. Plectrosaurus
    Here is my Eastman:

  23. OldSausage
    Your Eastman sounds really good, Plectro - how old is it? Oh, I see above, 3 years. It looks good too! Have you noticed any change in the tone over that time, or has it been steady?
  24. Douglas McMullin
    Douglas McMullin
    I just received an Eastman 505 to supplement a couple of other mandolins. So far it seems like a quality player!
  25. Duane Graves
    Duane Graves
    I have just ordered an Eastman 805D and it is on its way to pappa as we speak....lookin' forward to playing the little critter, o ya....Duane.
  26. mangorockfish
    New member to the Eastman Social Group. I have a beatiful '06 615, serial #811. Got it from Dennis @ The Mandolin Store. Would post a pic, but don't know how.
  27. Pickin' Potter
    Pickin' Potter
    Beginner here and new to the cafe and this group, but I just got a used 515 from Gianna's and I think I'm in love.
  28. sbarnes
    i have a 'new' 515 i just got last week....
    i say 'new' because i just got it from a music store w/full warrenty and the date inside is '05....must have hung around in the store for a while....but it's 'new' and i like it......
  29. un5trung
    604, A-style oval hole. I like it just fine, but sometimes I do suffer scroll envy. Still, I'm too new to the mandolin to let it worry me.
  30. Ronnie L
    Ronnie L
    615...very pleased with it too. Bought it used from Elderly.
  31. David Rambo
    David Rambo
    My new MD-805 D just arrived today. I bought it from Mt. Music, from an ad here on the Mandolin Cafe. Let the practicing begin!
  32. TMitchell
    604, as seen in my avatar, with optional strap.
  33. Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree
    I've got a 615, '06 #791
    I had the tuners replaced with Grovers, those are the smoothest running machines I have had the pleasure of tuning. I am thinking about up sizing the frets, but I will wear out mine in short order. J74 strings and a Wegen TF140 pick. Happy pickin' Y'all ;-)
  34. mculliton123
  35. blueridgemandolin
    I have a 615 love it
  36. holly6028
    New to the Eastman world -- just ordered the 915 (blonde) -- and eager to get in my hands! Been playing an old (1916-1917?) Gibson A that sounds great but has some issues with the top. Need a workhorse. Hoping the 915 fits the bill.
  37. Mike Scott
    Mike Scott
    I just got a 604. I've only played it an hour, but I must say I really like it. Very nice set up by Steve Perry makes it very playable (even for a hack like me). I was looking for a 504 (they seem to be non-existant right now) and got this. I am glad I did. It sounds way better than my old 504 which I sold a few months back-and I thought it sounded pretty darn good!
  38. Uncle Bob
    Uncle Bob
    Just got a 615 a couple of weeks ago - my first mandolin. Just a beginner but it sure is nice to have a good instrument to get started on.

  39. cutterflys
    Hi All
    I'm fairly new to the cafe and brand new on Eastman Mandolins site. Been playing mando about 4 years now (long time guitar enthusiast), fell in love with the Eastmans after very much comparison playing at my local BG shop. I now own and regularly play Eastmans MD 505, MD 515 & 815V. I usually use the 815V for our shows (a little woodier than the rest) bringing one of the others as back up, but don't hesitate to use any of them at a show. I find great playability, tone, volume, bark and craftsmanship with Eastman mandolins - all at an affordable price. These mandolins regularly turn heads at shows & jams. BTW, I'm a bluegrasser (well, 90% of the time anyway). I am thinking of removing the neck finish from the 505 and 515. I take great care of em all but they have simply become tools of the trade for me. I will also add that I own a Rover RM-75 used mostly for practice and camping. Thinking of doing some upgrades on it to get some more volume & wood, nice little mando though.
  40. MOJOHAND40
    I just got my 515 from Appalachian Bluegrass Music Shoppe in Catonsville, MD.

    Loving it!
  41. cutterflys
    Very nice MOJOHAND40. Hope you enjoy that 515 as much as I do mine. Emory and Charlene at Appalachian Bluegrass are great folks. I've had many dealings with them and bought quite a few instruments from them over the years. That's a first class music store IMHO.

  42. kowgrl
    I don’t see any MD 605s mentioned. I have a 05,haven't been playing long enough to know much about playability and all.But I like it and it was about 800 bucks. Works for now.
  43. kowgrl
    I don’t see any MD 605s mentioned. I have a 05,haven't been playing long enough to know much about playability and all.But I like it and it was about 800 bucks. Works for now.
  44. cutterflys
    Hi kowgrl
    That 605 should be a great mandolin assuming it has a good set up. I play my MD 505 very often. It's basically the same mando as the 605 but with a little less cosmetic appointments.

    Good Luck and congrats on the mando
  45. Mandobart
    I have an MDC 805 Mandocello. Here is a clip. It sounds better when played by someone with more talent...

  46. Plectrosaurus
    Recently finished making an OM using a cigar box for the body.

  47. GDAE
    Nice...I've never heard a mandocello before.
  48. cutterflys
    Yea nice Mandobart
    I've never heard one before either (well atleast not that I know of), kinda puts my mind to a guitar in an open tuning. What's the tuning you are using?
  49. Mandobart
    I'm in standard mandocello tuning, just like a cello in the orchestra - C G D A low to high.
  50. shortsighted_stevie_b
    Hi folks,

    I'm the newbie and at this very moment, I've got nothing, that I can show you.

    Next week I will order an Eastman 515 and before doing this I need your help - or better said - confirmation.
    Here at Hannover/Germany there's no shop where I can play and test one.
    I've heard and read only good things about the 515 and therefore I think, the risc of ordering one online ist not too big.
    Does anybody of you here at the Cafe knows a reason, not to buy the 515 and perhaps choose a 6xx or 8xxx? Not only because of the differences in price?
    Importent to me is a quite good action and playability and - surely - the sound.

    Thanks in advance for your tipps and time.
    And a nice weekend to all of you.

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