Difference between early Flatiron A models:

  1. How
    I posted this in the main forum and I figure this may be a better place for this post -
    I'm a relatively new owner of an 84' Flatiron A5-1 (made in Montana and signed by Mr. Carlson). I didn't know a lot about Flatirons when I bought it other than I liked it's sound and character. So, while researching these mandolins I saw that there are other Flatiron A models from roughly the same era such as A5-2s, A5-JRs and maybe others as well. Is there someone who could elaborate a little about the differences between these instruments. I'd really appreciate some good information or a good resource to find out more about them.



    84' Flatiron A5-1
    93' Phoenix BGM
  2. Pjones3
    Have you got this question answered yet? If not let me know and I'll help.
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