Week #236 The Home Ruler

  1. Marcelyn
    This week's winner is a popular hornpipe called The Home Ruler
    Here's ABC notation from The Session...
    X: 1
    T: The Home Ruler
    R: hornpipe
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    AF|D2FA DAFA|dfed B2dB|A2AB AFDE|(3FED ED B,DA,B,|
    D2FA DAFA|dfed B2dB|A2AB AFDE|F2D2 D2 :||
    dB|Addc d3 f|afbf afed|efed BAFA|fded BdA2|
    Addc d3 f|afbf afed|efed BAdB|AFEF D2:||

    You can convert the ABC notation above into mandolin tab or standard notation by copying and pasting the whole tune to

    Along with the ABC, The Session also has a midi, sheet music and a discussion on the tune here...

    If anyone has a favorite example, feel free to post it for us.
  2. jonny250
    this is a cool one:

    and Bertram's version:
  3. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
  4. Francis J
    Francis J
    I anticipated this one so here's my take on The Home Ruler. No video this time, just a few photos from the garden!
  5. AaronVW
    Well played, David. Those Sobells sound great.
  6. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    A couple of great versions here. I had planned on a simple solo mandolin rendition then I heard Francis' banjo and I just had to dust down mine. So I've ended up with mandolin, bouzouki and tenor banjo.

  7. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    I was about to re-post my 4-yo rendition, but Jonny beat me to it - Thanks!
  8. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I'm actually working on this one! What is everyone using for chords?
  9. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Looking forward to it Barbara. I'm using a simple D G D A for the first part then into B minor (actually B modal) at the start of the 2nd part alternating with A and D with a common bouzouki ascending G A quickly thrown in on the second repeat. It's all part of my limited repertoire of Key of D progressions!
  10. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great versions from Francis David and James. My effort with no backing may sound thin by comparison but here it is anyway
  11. jonny250
    Hey Bertram, i hope you didnt mind me putting up your video - i've watched lots of yours and Colin Bott's videos in my search for the ultimate Octave - so remembered it when this SAW came along...

    Francis, david and James - those are all so cool versions of the tune - Maudlin i think your mando was designed for this sort of music! sounding good

    its a really catchy tune and i'm having fun learning it...
  12. dustyamps
    Enjoyable versions by everyone. This is a fun one to play.
  13. gortnamona
    a quick bash on the much neglected tenor guitar , few blunders but didn't have time to take a second run at it

  14. Mike Floorstand
    Mike Floorstand
    Enjoyed playing along to everyone's uploads on this, learned a few new variations and ornaments on it too. Some great multitracked versions, which is beyond my technical capability, so here's a quick solo tenor banjo version:

  15. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Exceptional playing Mike with some lovely ornaments. I love the tone you get with the nylon strings. I'm generally not a fan of super bright banjo sound in Irish music even though it seems to predominate (I suspect most other members of a session aren't either). I think I would like to try nylon strings. Where do you get them from? Are there any issues with floppy string tension?
  16. jonny250
    Dustyamps that sounded really sweet and mellow, really nicely played!
    Gortnamona your tenor guitar sounds good.
    well played mike -your version has a very 'traditional' sound; what tuning is your tb tuned to?

    Here's my very rough version [you probably wont recognise it as the same tune lol ]

  17. Mike Floorstand
    Mike Floorstand
    Nice work Jonny, there's a fine line between ornamentation and improvisation but I think you managed it nicely - by playing something completely different!

    My tb is tuned gdae
  18. Mike Floorstand
    Mike Floorstand
    James, Delighted you like the sound! Several of the ornaments are obviously mistakes but I just about kept in time so I'm keeping quiet!!

    I've strung something like 40W, 28W, 32, 24, this is very light for a 20" scale length but was recommended by Andy Perkins for older instruments (especially mine which already has a bit of bowing on the neck). I bought the strings from Andy - not sure who makes them but they're not expensive. I might try a slightly thicker 1st string next time I change, it sometimes sounds a bit thin. They don't feel floppy at all though (I suppose they might at first if you're used to steel strings).

    The banjo also has a calfskin head which probably reduces brightness too.

  19. laura809
    We have a wonderful variety of performances and instruments this week. This is a fun tune. Here is my version with guitar, OM, and mandolin. The B section is still a bit rough, but here is what I have so far.
  20. jonny250
    Well done Laura , which Octave do you have?
  21. laura809
    Thanks Jonny. I have a Flatiron 3k Bouzouki.
  22. Uncle Choppy
    Uncle Choppy
    OK. I've tried this one. Really had to force myself to record it as I can't play it too well yet. Timing's all over the place and the zouk accompaniment is just as shonky. Seems like a song a week will be a bit much for me. Is there a tune-a-year group?

  23. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    UC, sounds pretty darn good to me and that includes the Bouzouki. Is that the Oakwood? I live in Oakwood just round the corner from the workshop. I'd need to wangle a neighbour discount before I got one though - they don't come cheap!
  24. Uncle Choppy
    Uncle Choppy
    Thanks for the kind words James.
    It is my Oakwood bouzouki. I've had it a long time but never learned to play it very well.

    I went over to the workshop and sat with Martyn playing a few different instruments. Was surprised to like a large-ish body model as I don't like that bassy Sobell sound too much. It was called the "Irish Bouzouki" but I now think they're called the Meridian. They were made to Niall O'Callanain's specification and he's a fantastic player.
    Have just checked the reciept and I paid about half what they go for now!
  25. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    You're being too hard on yourself Pat - I had to really listen hard to detect timing problems, found nothing worth mentioning. An altogether pleasant experience.
    You can post a tune a year if you're so inclined; I have posted to threads older than that.
  26. jonny250
    Sounds really good to me too Uncle Choppy! love the tone of the mando too.
  27. AaronVW
    All the multi-instrument videos for this one really made me want to make a video and Mike, your tenor banjo playing is great. I dusted off my banjo for this one and added it in with the mandolin. Hope you like it...
  28. GKWilson
    Nice one Aaron. But did you know you have banjo players in your wall?
    You need to take care of this immediately before they multiply and mutate
    into accordions.
  29. Gelsenbury
    I'm learning a tune called Pat Galvin's Hornpipe, which is very similar to this one. The discussion on thesession.org even surmises that they might be the same tune. Does anyone here know Pat Galvin's?
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