Week #230 ~ Pilgrim's Knob

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Pilgrim's Knob, which was submitted as a Monroe tune.

    Here's a You Tube video:

    If anyone can link to any notation, or more info, that would be great, as I'm trying to get ready for a road trip!
  2. Sasquatch


    Also, it well worth the $0.99 (Itunes) to purchase the Bibey/Benson version from the "Mandolin Chronicles" project.

    Here is the Jim Richter Version.

  3. JimRichter
    Though unique, I learned my version sitting directly across from my friend Butch Robins--who of course learned it from Monroe. I guess by syllogism, I learned it from Monroe
  4. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Expertly done Jim! A good one to try to learn from.

  5. Sasquatch
    Thank you for the insight Mr. Richter!! I absolutely love your playing.
    Here is my attempt at this great Monroe tune.

  6. luurtie
    That's was very nice Timothy! Very helpful also, I'm still practising the 3 elements of this tune. There are not much tabs on the internet so I slowed down the bibey version to play it by ear. It's a really good tune for anyone who wants to learn bluegrass breaks on a mandolin..
  7. jonny250
    awesome Sasquatch! good pickin' and i would love to know the secret to your speed whilst keeping it so clean...
  8. OldSausage
    Yes, great job Sasquatch, sounds fantastic.
  9. laura809
    Jonny, I think I would settle for sloppy if I could get close to that speed. Nice job Sasquatch. You definitely have the Monroe style down. Jim, excellent version, and I loved the back story too. Mine sounds ridiculously slow next to you two, but I have to start somewhere.
  10. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Super job Timothy!
    Laura you version is great and helps me out, I think I have trying to go to fast. Well done! Good clean pickin'

  11. Sasquatch
    Thanks to all for the kind words!
    Laura, very good playing. Monroe Style is more like 'brushing' the pick through the strings. This simulates a fiddle shuffle of a sort. I have always loved Monroe Style mando and have tried hard to duplicate that 'sound' for years. I am trying hard to learn new genres you all seem to play so effortlessly. Got a ways to go but I will keep trying.
    BTW, that Gibson you have is absolutely beautiful. Great sound too!!
  12. luurtie
    Way to go Laura. You did very well on this pretty difficult tune..
    I'm slowing my version down a bit, and try to experiment with that "brushing the pick" Timothy..
  13. jonny250
    well done Laura! nice and clean.
  14. dustyamps
    Good job by all. I like your slowed down version Laura and your Gibson sounds great.
  15. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Jim Richter and Sasquatch: masterful interpretations of this really cool tune. Laura, you've gotten the first step down pat in preparation for playing up to speed. That is, you can play it slowly. The difference between slow and fast is now only practice and muscle memory... very well done.
  16. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Sure does make you appreciate Bill Monroe's playing when you try one of his tunes! Tried to post mine last night and gave up, hopefully today or tomorrow.

  17. luurtie
    No rush Dusty, we'll be watching it anyway. I hope to make a recording tomorrow too... I still can't play it fluently
  18. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Here is mine on a Kentucky mandolin, NOT SURE why I'm rushing myself it being only wensday and a Bill Monroe tune but it will be something I continue to work on.
  19. Sasquatch
    Good job Dusty Miller! Learning the 'Big Mon's' tunes makes one appreciate him even more. I am currently working on 'The Tanyards' I just haven't found the right groove for it yet. It is one tricky tune. Keeping the 'shuffle' effect clean and crisp along with having feeling and power is just something that takes time. Its a journey and we are enjoying the ride!
  20. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Thanks a lot Tim, I really enjoy and look forward to all your posts. I hope to get to that level at some point.
    I think I'm going to make sure I practice things slower and more precise and not rush into faster speeds like I find myself doing. Clean and crisp, like you said. And that goes to Michael's good point too, crawl before walking.
  21. luurtie
    Wel done Dusty. What a nice tune to learn don't you think?
    Here's my go.. But I keep on practising this one to get it really smooth once

  22. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Great job Luurtie! You always post fun versions to listen to. Always enjoy them. Yes a fun tune to learn.
  23. jonny250
    well done Luurtie and Dusty! both sounding very good - there are some tricky bits in that i think.
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