Week #229 ~ Nine Pound Hammer

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I'm getting this week's winner posted early, rather than late... surprise!

    The winner is Nine Pound Hammer.

    Here is a link to notation and abc from abcnotation.com

    Here is a link to a free lesson by Mike Oppenheim.

    Here's a video of Merle Travis from 1951 on You Tube.

    That was so much fun, here's another vintage video of Merle Travis:

    And for something more recent:

  2. Sasquatch
    I seen last night that 'Nine Pound Hammer' was going to be this weeks winner so I decided to hit it early. Recorded this about 6AM. The fingers resisted movement that early. Anyway, here is an arrangement I came up with this morning around 4:30. Happy pickin' out in mando-world!

  3. dusty miller
    dusty miller

    Great pickin' Timothy! Well done. Here's one of my favorite mandolin versions, in A
  4. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Sasquatch, a master demonstration in more keys than I knew existed on the mandolin knocked out in record time (problem with insomnia?). Now you have the rest of the week free I'd love to see the same multi key approach to last week's Carolan's concerto - should keep you busy!
  5. luurtie
    4.30 in the morning Timothy? I wonder how it would sound if you had some sleep? Very well done...
    I made a mix right away, it's one of my favorite bluegrass tunes...

  6. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Really, really nice Luurtie. Enjoyable to listen to! Like the slide show as well.

  7. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Hendrik this is rip it onto my ipod special. I'd buy it from you if you were selling it. Well done.
  8. Francis J
    Francis J
    Great version Luurtie, you really capture the mood of the song.
  9. jonny250
    sasquatch - cool musicianship with all those keys going on! i guess you play this one a bit?
    Luurtie - as the others have said - that was a top class performance brilliant!
  10. luurtie
    Thanx everyone for all those kind words... I was fairly happy with my recording this week, it's strange that when you play a tune without camera when your in the mood it can sound so much better...
  11. Sasquatch
    Thanks to all for the compliments.
    Hendrik, I really like your rendition. You are doing what I would like to if I could ever find the time. Too many irons in the fire!! What software do you use to dub your instruments?
  12. luurtie
    Making a such a recording incl. uploading takes me less then 2 hours Timothy. My advice is to try Mixcraft.. I used a demoversion that worked very nice, but it can be done with Audacity which is free. B.t.w. any good DAW software should do the job.
    You first need a good USB-interface where you can plug in at least 2 condenser mics. I have an Alesis Multimix 4 which is very affordable. But latency problems always occur...
  13. Marcelyn
    You guys are awesome! Tim, that sure is some impressive playing. I'd love to be that versatile on the mandolin. And Hendrik, what can I say? It's time to quit your day job and hit the road. Really super version.
    Here's one from Jeff and me. We're having a lot of fun learning this tune.

  14. luurtie
    This is so cool! A completely different sounding version witch sounds and looks so good... I'd love to see you live on stage
  15. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Really fun version Marcelyn/Jeff I have been working on some clawhammer banjo too nice to some of that in there. You guys sound great!

  16. Sasquatch
    Marcelyn & Jeff, you two just have that Old-tyme sound down pat! I love it! I play with a gentleman at times that enjoys Old-Tyme. I have quite a time trying to get the proper sound from my mando for him. Really appreciate your submissions each week. Keep em' coming!
    Also, a BIG Thank you to Hendrik for the info. I will be looking into this.
  17. Marcelyn
    Hendrik. I know what you mean. I looked up so many versions of this song and they were all unique. It would be a blast to see Close to Home live too. Tell you what, on your U.S. tour, we'll open for y'all.
    Kris, you'll love clawhammer banjo. I'm looking forward to your future multi-track recordings.
    Thanks Tim. I'm slowly trying to pick up some elements of Monroe style playing from your posts too, so I'm glad it's a fair trade.
  18. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Hendrik and Sasquatch, two totally different, but excellent performances. The luurtie band is really superb.
    O'Carolan made you briefly look human last week, now you are back at your usual heights.
    Marcy, I am having trouble viewing your video, so I can't praise it at this point.
  19. jonny250
    Great stuff Marcy and Jeff - its so cool that there are so many different ways to play this song. M, your singing is as always very good and Jeffs harmonies work nicely

    Here is my version with me on banjo and mando and with band in a box providing the bass line:
  20. luurtie
    I love this weeks tune, it's so much fun listening to this. Beautiful arrangement Jonny
    Your instruments sound so nice, and not filming saves a lot of time don't you think?
  21. jonny250
    Thanks luurtie, yes the pictures saved a lot of time!
  22. Marcelyn
    That's excellent, Jonny! Your arrangements and vocals always stand out because of the personality and energy you get into them. Great mandolin breaks too.
  23. jonny250
    Thanks Marcelyn, i have a long way to go, but its a fun journey
  24. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Great job Jonny! This one needs some singing, other instruments or great pickin' like Timothy. Hope to have a video, my version is a little hum-drum at the moment. Glad it's only Monday today.

  25. woodenfingers
    Tough to compete with this crowd. Tim, stop drinking so much coffee and get some sleep - great pickin. Luurtie - what can I say - that was awesome. I want your CD when it comes out. Marcy and Jeff I love your old time take on tunes and Jeff's clawhammer was wonderful. Johnny250 - great take on the tune, you got a mean mandolin and banjo going there too.

    I did mine in one take with not too much idea as to where I was going. I strayed around a bit so after recording it I can hear some "will the circle be unbroken" in there. And since I didn't know where I was going and my guitar playing needs a lot of work, the tune and guitar chords don't necessarily match too well... But, hey, it was fun!!

  26. laura809
    Nice effort Woodenfingers. I enjoyed the slide show that went along with it. Jonny, I am envious of your banjo skills, and this is a great song to show off your improv skills on the mando. Marcy and Jeff, that was a great performance. Marcy, you did and interesting tremolo strum on the chords at the end that sounded neat with the banjo. Luurtie, your recordings are sounding more and more professional. I enjoyed the slide show on yours as well.
  27. jonny250
    Good job woodenf's and as you say, its about having fun eh
    Laura i always look forward to your videos and this was another good one, i especially liked the break towards the end.
  28. Marcelyn
    This one does sound a lot like Will the Circle Be Unbroken, now that you mention it, Wooden Fingers. It's a good idea you had to put it in two octaves. I'll have to work on that.
    Nice job, Laura. I like that upbeat strum pattern you had going during the verses.
  29. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Well played Wooden Fingers and nice bluesy lead from Laura. Wish I could do the same; made up licks is all I can manage.
  30. woodenfingers
    Laura - great playing, loved the instrumentals, great pickin.

    Maudlin - doing fine on those licks and great chords - you were all over the fretboard with them, I'll need to try to figure out what you were doing.
  31. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Everyone did great versions! Hard acts to follow with my simple version.
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