Shipped: ETA Tuesday

  1. katygrasslady
    Yes! My new MTO is on its way. Gosh, I sure need something good to happen to me.
    Thanks Mom, just when I really needed it.
  2. padawan
    Woo Hoo!! Congrats!
  3. katygrasslady
    Got it! Wow, it plays so easy. Love the mellow, dark, rich sound. This is going to stimulate a substantial increase in skills. Not needing to press so hard on the frets allows my fingers to get nimble instead of strong. I will work on more expression, as this allows it, where my Kentucky just wasn't capable of subtleties of voice.
  4. padawan
    Be honest. When it showed up you did the happy dance.
    Didn't you?
    Congratulations again.
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