A Scottish Hornpipe and 2/4 March played on the Tenor Banjo.

  1. donaidh
    Iíve just added a video to my Youtube page featuring the Tenor Banjo.

    The hornpipe is Tam Bainís Lum by PM Donald Shaw Ramsay and the 2/4 is Millbank Cottage by PM William Dumbreck.

  2. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Well done that man! Looking forward to our session at the end of August. A new part of Scotland to me.
  3. donaidh
    Thanks John. Yes, it will be great to meet up.

    I'm a bit disappointed that my banjo playing isn't as smooth as I hoped it would be. Coming from mandolin to banjo is not too bad for the fretting hand but my picking hand hasn't yet adapted to the different technique required!
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