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  1. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    O.K., I'll take it on myself to keep this group alive! Not sure if this MDM-2 is getting better, or maybe I'm getting better at making it sound right,but the tone seems to be getting a bit sweeter the more I play it.I really am very satisfied with it right now, seems like just the mando I need at this stage of learning.I am giving serious consideration to upgrading to a CA bridge, try and get even more sound out of her. Has anybody out there ever tried one on a MM? If so, what are your opinions?
  2. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    Finally got around to getting the CA bridge put on my MDM-2. Love It! I've written a review in the "Equipment" section, you can check it out for details. I highly recommend it to get the best out of these mandos. Really makes a difference.
  3. ELFIE
    Michael, I'm a novice MM player. What is a CA bridge?
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