Bad News Case!

  1. Mandofanatic

    Two things.....firstly, do you keep records for each mandolin you build? (of course). If so what can you tell me on #311 Bluegrass model. I purchased it from Mandolin Brothers maybe 8/9 years ago. Has the pickguard. This mandolin is fantastic sounding, with much character and complexity. Very even sound across the strings, and extremely light, as all of the Phoenix mandolins seem to be. Great.

    The other is tougher. I brought my mandolin upstairs and left the case downstairs at my home, and viola!......completely ruined by mildew. What would it take to purchase another? Ugh....

    Not meaning to take too much of your time...just curiosity on the history.

    You're the greatest. Glad things are picking up.

    Richard Bailey
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