1. Rick Purcell
    Rick Purcell
    Hello fellow Ratliff owners. I'm Rick and I own #970. She is an left handed R5 which I custom ordered from Audie a few years back. I figured that being left handed Audie would know how to build a lefty and I was right. A nice woody tone, good and loud and the A and E strings sound bright without being to brittle or strident. It sounds well recorded and has played out many times. I've worn most of the finish off the back of the neck and wore thru the top finish in a couple of spots from pinky drag. I've thought of mounting a PU but so far haven't. I'm quite satisfied with instrument, and enjoyed the many conversations I had with Audie during the build. I like talking about mandolins almost as much as I like playing them.
  2. dochardee
    I own #1078, an RA-5 Country Boy. Fine bluegrass mandolin at a bargain price!
  3. DataNick
    I own #1080, an R5 Country Boy (F model) that Audie custom built for me; has extras like binding, ebony fretboard, dot inlay position markers. Beautiful instrument that I am having fun playing in. My luthier is going to put a Randy Wood ebony bridge and do a couple of adjustments to really bring out as much tone as possible. I'll report back in about 5 weeks when done.
  4. Russ Donahue
    Russ Donahue
    Hi Folks.

    I have an A style Country Boy #1090. Here's a clip of Audie playing it and #1088:

    I really like the tortoise binding on the top. Makes for a seriously understated instrument.
  5. MontanaMatt
    I'm excited to join your group! I am awaiting delivery of my custom R5. Audrey told me that mine is now at the front of the line and is getting its finish applied. Time moves slowly when awaiting a new mandolin!
  6. Pilot172000
    I just realized this group existed. I own #1182 which is a Country Boy with a shiny lacquer top and a radiused fret board. It is my go to and has been since I bought it nearly new in 2018.
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