Week #218 ~ Sadie at the Back Door

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner by a landslide, is Sadie at the Back Door. It appears to have been written by Jere Canote, and is considered an old time fiddle tune.

    Here are a couple of videos found by our members:

    Here is a link to abc and notation

    Here's a link to a site with standard notation and an mp3

    Here's a page with standard notation and TAB.

    I'm not familiar with this tune, but I sure like it!
  2. GKWilson
    Good to see the Canote brothers above.
    Twin brothers who have been playing 'Old Time' music together their whole lives.
    Great multi instrument musicians and as good a guys you'll ever meet.
    And as funny as hair on frogs.
    If you get a chance to see them don't miss it.
  3. luurtie
    This is how I play it.... used my Clark tinwhistle..

  4. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Hendrik I absolutely love this. The mandolin playing is exceptional, as ever, in a style I would ignorantly label as "American" (being somewhat new to the old time and bluegrass genres myself). Then the tin whistle comes in and drags me over to Ireland, and what a sound you manage to capture form such a humble instrument. This really does bridge both sides of the atlantic.
  5. Sasquatch
    I may have jumped on this tune a little to quick but my nephew was over and just itching to record another tune. We decided to try this tune. Not perfect by any stretch but we had some fun. Great tune that I will continue to work on.

  6. luurtie
    That was awesome Timothy, you play it very bluegrassy with those nice double stops and I like the straight drumming your nephew did.. And Thanks James, such compliments always help to go on with my mandolincafe projects..
  7. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Excellent stuff as always Hendrick. Is there any instrument you cannot play?
    Sasquatch and nephew - great version, the drumming adds to this one too.
    Apparently Sadie was a cat that mewed at the back door to be let in, so I have put appropriate pictures on the video. Both melody and backup played on a Savannah.
  8. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Great tune, and three great submissions by our members! I loved the nephew drumming in the background (I loved watching his face!) and I AM a cat lover....
  9. OldSausage
    Lots of great stuff very quickly this week. I especially enjoyed Hendrick's whistle - I would never have thought of that.

    Here's my version:
  10. Sasquatch
    OldSausage, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I always learn something by watching. You are very smooth which is something I struggle with in my playing. And Luurtie, I too loved the whistle with the mando. Great sound! This group has opened up a whole new world to me in learning and playing. I am slowly building my confidence. Thanks to all.
  11. luurtie
    This is what I call Bouncy, very nice playing David...
  12. fatt-dad
    this is a fun tune! Just great versions too! For some reason, I link "Sarah Armstrong's Tune" to "Sadie at the Back Door." Most of my jam-mates link "Sadie at the Back Door" to "Waiting for Nancy," a tune I don't really enjoy playing. So, in protest to my jam-mates, I humbly present one-lap and one-take of my medley. (I heard the cat always went out the front door, but only came in through the back. A fairly recent old-time tune.)

  13. jonny250
    this is such a catchy tune
    luurtie i love that whistle part, and as always your mandolining is amazing - is this a tune you play often?
    sasquatch that was great fun and i especially like that you played with your nephew and made it work so well, tell him nice job
    maudlin, i couldn't play your video?
    david as always i enjoyed your performance and a number of things for me to learn from especially some neat timing/beat things.
    f-d solid playing - such a cool melody.
  14. luurtie
    Nice picking Fatt-dad!
    Never played it before Jonny, but when the polls start I always start listening to several versions on Spotify... This tune isn't too hard to play I think, when it's in my head I can always play a "simplified" version in C, D, A, or G... I think a lot of people here do it sort of the same way. David always amazes me, all those progressions and breaks puts in it. He's a genius to my ears..
    B.t.w. I always like the way you make your recordings too Jonny, please go on..
  15. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    This is such a lovely tune! Here's my arrangement for 5 string banjo, mandolin and guitar. The banjo is a Gold Tone and is played clawhammer style. It's tuned: ADADE (with the capo at the second fret.) Mandolin is a Kentucky and the guitar is a parlor guitar made by George Bauer. (He made guitars and mandolins in Philadelphia from 1890-1910.) I've played it in an old time style ...

  16. OldSausage
    Great renditions there from Michael and F-D. This tune seems made for clawhammer banjo, does make me wish I could do that. One day I'll learn how.
  17. fatt-dad
    That was a fun trio!

  18. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Some great versions here. Michael wonderful version. I thing this is the definitive old time version, one for me to watch many times and learn from. But in the meantime this is as far as I've got with this one.
    Sadie at the back door - she's not going to want to come in when she sees me dancing about. maybe if I kept still I wouldn't hit so many wrong notes.

  19. Marcelyn
    I'm loving this song! And the versions this week have so much personality. The whistle and the drums are great. Very old-timey, James! Love it! David and Michael: yours are amazing! Jeff really likes the claw hammer banjo part.
  20. jonny250
    another super one man band performance Michael, your mando sounds quite mellow?
    James i enjoyed your version too - nice pickin'
    here is my effort:
  21. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Great vibe Jonny - very musical.
  22. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Nice variations, jonny250... I think I'll "borrow" some of your ideas, especially that up the neck break. Yes, my mando is sounding quite mellow in this one. It's a Kentucky KM600 made in Japan in the mid 1980s and is my go to instrument for bluegrass and old timey. At the time it was near the bottom of their line in terms of cost, nothing fancy but a quality instrument none the less. I bought it used in a music store after trying about maybe a hundred mandolins in a two year period. This one spoke to me and I've had it since about 1990.
  23. luurtie
    Very well played Jonny! And you're right Michael, it's not always the price, some "low" budget mandolins play and sound very good. My The Loar LM220 is an amazing instument especially for the money... I payed less than 200€ for a new one, and I defenitely never sell it... Your Kentucky has a very wonderful sweet tone to my ears...
  24. jonny250
    Thats interesting Michael. The idea of being able to try out so many instruments is amazing.
  25. Marcelyn
    That sounds excellent, Jonny! Your mandolin really rings when you play up the neck. Here's a version from Jeff and me.
  26. luurtie
    I love it, a real mountainstyle duo...
  27. Sasquatch
    Marcelyn, that was a great version. I like your guys style of playing. I would love to play along with this type of banjo sometime. GReat stuff!!
  28. laura809
    There were so many excellent versions this week that it is hard to name a favorite. I was particularly fond of the versions that included clawhammer banjo. I also liked hearing the history of the song and that it was about it cat. My cat actually rubbed at my ankles asking to be let out while I was recording the mandolin track.
    I managed to force some thicker strings on my tenor banjo for Irish tuning for my version. I also have an octave mandolin track in the mix, but didn't capture it on video. I played it a bit straighter than I would have liked, but I thought I would keep things simple with the layered instruments. I was tempted to remix and bring the instruments in gradually, but I'm late already and out of time.
  29. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Nicely played Laura. This tune also plays well on a tenor banjo.

    Jeff and Marcy played the heck out of that tune too. Well done!
  30. woodenfingers
    Lots of great contributions on this tune. I learn a lot from this group. I might not be able to utilize it, but I learn a lot.

    Another rainy day here so playing catch up again. Couldn't get inspired by cats at back doors or back doors so I present to you images from my homeland - lakes in the Canadian shield region of Ontario. I'm itching for a trip up there...

  31. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Very good Bob- nice laid back feel to your version.
  32. Rick E Vengeance
    Rick E Vengeance
    Just discovered this tune, trying out my new Collings MT, my wife quietly playing in the background.


    Can't get Youtube to embed, no idea what I'm doing wrong
  33. Marcelyn
    Hey Rick, you two sound great. What a fun duet. Those parts really work well together.
    To embed a video, I copy the numbers and letters after the = in the You Tube address. In your case, it's AL66N62T09s
    You put those into an embed code right between the quotation marks. Here's the code, I put an extra space after the first bracket, so you could see the code instead of the embedded video, so when you go to embed another, just make sure there are no spaces.
    [ youtube="AL66N62T09s"][/youtube]

    Here's your video...
  34. Rick E Vengeance
    Rick E Vengeance
    Thanks for the info Marcelyn, I was almost there, I added the "v=", misunderstood the Mandolin Cafe youtube tutorial clip on how to to this.
  35. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Rick... sounds great... and what a lovely new Collings you have there!
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