Week #216 ~ Wagon Wheel

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner by a landslide is Wagon Wheel.

    Eddie Sheehy found us this video:

    Currently this tune is a big hit for Darius Rucker.

    If you search this tune on You Tube, you'll find a number of submissions.

    Here's a link to info on the song on Wikipedia.

    This may be one of those tunes/songs that you are going to have to figure out by ear!

    I found this on a fiddle hangout discussion.

    If anyone has any more links, that would be great! Hoping to hear some great vocals on this week's tune!
  2. SMH
    There is a version of this on the Mandozine TablEdit[URL="http://www.mandozine.com/music/tabledit_files/WagonWheel-A-Tibert.tef"] list. Unfortunately, every time I try and print it my TabiEdit reader crashes. If anyone else is able to save this as a pdf, that would be great!

    Here is a video of the version I am talking about - it's not me!

  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    In addition to the PDF link posted by Barbara, Fiddlehangout has two other transcriptions of the intro and fiddle breaks, in standard notation and in tab:


    The link posted by Barbara is for a retuned fiddle (AEAE), but there is also a PDF for standard tuning.

  4. sgarrity
  5. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Amazing what one can find online. Here is a 10-page full transcription of the song, transposed to C, for fiddle and piano:


  6. OldSausage
    I like these guys:

    This is probably the first time we've done a tune that's actually "popular". You might want to think about disabling comments on your YouTubes for this
  7. laura809
    That is a nice version OS. Here's a version of my band playing it from a few months ago. The lead vocalist make us play it in G#, which is a bit limiting on a mandolin.
  8. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    Nice version. And I'm betting those six strings and the banjo are all sporting capos, right? I would be too. No pride here. My "Paige" serves me well for those odd keys.
  9. woodenfingers
    Hey Laura, very nice. You all sound great. I'm sure he could sing a half tone lower but you could always tighten your strings up a half tone if you wanted.
  10. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Laura, that's a very nice job and your breaks didn't sound limited at all, in fact, quite the opposite. All around great performance! (It's for times like this that I forced myself to learn a bunch of closed position chords and scales. I've also been known to put on a capo from time to time just to see the eyes roll...)
  11. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Very nice everyone. I really like this song and am playing it capoed on the second fret. This way I play it G, D Em, C G, D, C. I am working on a nice little thing for me to play during the second fiddle break. As a complete "newbie" this is a fun one to play since I can just strum it and have it sound good. Next Friday I will play it with a friend who is doing an acoustic gig. If I can get even a half-way decent recording I may post it. but I would be using my phone so not sure it will come out good. Wish me luck!
  12. JLewis
    This is one of those times when I wish we had the "Thanks" feature in the SAW group. Thanks, SMH.
  13. Marcelyn
    You all really had the audience going with that one, Laura. G#? I don't play in a bluegrass band, but in my book, you guys get the award for nicest band mates ever.
  14. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great performance by you and your band Laura. If your vocalist wanted to sing in a higher key he could have gone up another semitone to A which is what I have done.
    Whoever wrote these lyrics( was it Bob Dylan?) made an error as wheels don't rock; they roll.
  15. jonny250
    This is a cool song; Laura you played that really great!
    The version that OS posted is very nice too.
    Maudlin, i like your style.
  16. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Here is my short attempt, faded out just before it fell apart.
    I don't usually sing - you'll see why.
    I don't play the 5 string banjo so I have improvised on a tenor banjo.
    In the unlikely scenario that you want to play along it is in the Key of F sharp to suit my limited vocal range. Unlike Laura though I cheated and tuned everything down half a step.

  17. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Well you had my toes tapping James. Over too soon.
  18. Marcelyn
    Wow! Enough with the disclaimers, James. You sound amazing! I went back to check your introduction just to see whether I was remembering right about you being from Scotland--great accent. You're playing is incredible as always and really fits the mood of the song.
  19. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Thanks for the kind comments. I forgot to apologise for the fake American twang but it's not technically possible to say wagon wheel with a british accent.
  20. Marcelyn
    No, you really sound great. Just Drop the "r" between "mama" and "any way you feel" and your fake twang totally passes for southern.
  21. richieb
    Here is an interesting article on the history of this tune:


    It's amazing that a song fragment Bob Dylan wrote and then discarded was discovered on a bootleg and turned into a #1 country hit 40 years later. To me it just shows what a great songwriter he is.
  22. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    That's a really fine job James. Thanks for sharing.
  23. luurtie
    It's really nice to see your band Laura, It looks like one big happy family... It sounds nice... So do you maudlin. But James, why don't you sing more often, you've got a really nice voice, your recording sounds very good. I enjoyed it very much
    I made a mix also... Special thanx to my friend Martijn Zwiers who played mailbox Bass I'm quite used to that.

  24. woodenfingers
    Hi Luurtie, Excellent rendition. I live almost in the heart of bluegrass country and your playing makes me envious. How does a guy in the middle of the Netherlands learn to play and sing like that?
  25. jonny250
    Luurtie once again, amazing! when's your album out?
  26. OldSausage
    Yes, that's a really fine one Hendrick, very nice singing and picking too - great job.
  27. Marcelyn
    What a great version of this fun song, Hendrik. Your mandolin breaks and harmonies are super!
  28. jonny250
    Daring to follow in the shoes of that super performance by Luurte - here is my effort. I sort of stole part of the break from the first part of Luurties as it is so cool! hope you dont mind H! This could really do with another week/month/year on this lol... its pretty rough!!
  29. OldSausage
    Very nice playing and singing Jonny. I was intrigued to find that Maudlin was right that this was originally a Bob Dylan tune, but it only appeared as a demo on a bootleg tape - and only the chorus. OCMS found it and made up the verses, so both Dylan and Ketch Secor get credits on it. Here's the original Dylan bootleg - it takes the bass player some time to catch on what the chords are.

  30. Marcelyn
    Love it! You get great energy in your solo mandolin and singing, Jonny. That's yet another extra-fun version for this week.
    Seems like Dylan had a verse in mind when he recorded that bootleg, but it would take some pretty fancy audio enhancing software to uncover those words.
  31. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    With fellow Cafe member Steve Prochnow on guitar...

  32. GKWilson
    You two are rockin' Mann.
  33. luurtie
    Thanx for the compliment Jonny. That was nice, you certainly have your own style. I didn't really recognise the break (from my super performance ahum) in it, but it sounds good.
    Nice Gig Chris and Steve. You two sound very well..
  34. Toycona
    Great job, Chris and Steve!
  35. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very nice performance Chris & Steve. The harmonies were excellent and your mandolin sounded great. More please!
  36. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Chris & Steve, very nice performance! Love the harmonies and its nice that the mandolin cuts through so well and does not get lost. I really like the solo work.
    I played this last Friday night with a friend at his acoustic gig. Can't upload the video as I am not a you tube member. Also I think it would very much pale in comaparison to all the vids I have seen here. We did have fun though... its was great when the entire bar was singing along with us!
    Someday maybe I will do the you tube thing and post a vid. Hopefully I will also be a better player by then!
  37. jonny250
    hey benjamin, its dead easy to join youtube - it would be great to hear your performance... go for it...
  38. OldSausage
    I wondered how this song would sound if the second chord was D minor instead of D major. It's a whole different world, it turns out. This recording features almost no mandolin, I'm afraid, but it does have some very unusual things, including me playing the fiddle, a telecaster, and drums:

  39. GKWilson
    Now that sounds more like a Dylan song.
    I like it.
  40. OldSausage
    Thanks Gary
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