Why restore and repair

  1. bmac
    I got into restoration and repair simply because my eyes were bigger than my pocket book. I wanted as high a quality as I could get soundwise with limited resources and was stunned by the prices folks were paying for decent sounding mid-level instruments. So I decided I couldn't afford new, and I couldn't afford old quality instruments. I figured I would go for "decent but damaged" and learned that Stradolins from the 1930s to the 1960s have a good reputation for sound so my focus was on these and other instrument I found interesting. I now own two Stradolins from the mid 1930s. Both were seriously damaged but i purchased them hoping to be able to make them playable again... I did so and found them to exceed my expectations soundwise. I am constantly looking for instruments which people sat on or were stepped on, etc. on the theory that almost anything broken can be repaired and restored to original sound and perhaps looks. At this point I have restored thirteen instruments, most purchased for under $60.
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