Any NH Mandolin Players?

  1. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Hi, Any NH madolin players out there? I know there must be because our state is an inspiring place for musicians. Let us know who you are and what kinds of music you play. Let us now where you play and any interesting tips. Is there a small music store you love that does great work on mandolins and has them for sale? What are your favorite makers? Are there particular songs that are peculiar to us here in New England that would be cool to learn/share?

    Let us know!
  2. PhilO
    There are a few of us in the North Conway area, but not many. There is a open folk jam that is held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at the Local Grocer, which is about a mile north of N. Conway village. All acoustic instruments are welcome and lots of different flavors of music played......4:30-7 PM during summer hours, 4:30-6 otherwise. A nice opportunity to hear lots of different tunes....vocals, jigs, reels, waltzes.....what ever you like when your turn comes around.
  3. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Awesome PhilO! Thanks, I will try to get up there this summer!
  4. Dave Kirkpatrick
    Dave Kirkpatrick
    I'm a mandola player in Bow. Concord has many mandolin players and a pretty good teacher named Carleton Page. There's also David Surette at the Concord Community Music School. Finally, there's Fiddleheads Acoustic Jam Camp in September in Contoocook. I think there are several jams in the area, although I'm not personally familiar with any of them, although I hope to start attending one this fall, once I figure out the details. Carleton would be a good resource to figure out where to play in this area. Finally, check out Girouard mandolins in Contoocook. Max and Lauri make remarkable instruments at a price that really can't be beat.
  5. Karen Mccarthy
    Karen Mccarthy
    Hi all,

    Karen in Portsmouth. Looking to play in this area. Hope to hear from others.
  6. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Hi Karen! I grew up in Portsmouth, but unfortunately I do not know the sdcene there now. I do know the Press Room and a couple of other places had folk/irish jams which I am sure include mandolins.
  7. Jim Tap Root
    Jim Tap Root
    I know it's been a while since anyone has posted to the group. I've been playing mandolin a little over a year now and play both guitar and mandolin in the Timberlane Community Guitar Orchestra in Plaistow. I arrange some pieces for the group and we had a mandolin player besides the instructor who is competent on the instrument. I have since become enamored with the instrument and have a tendency to pick it up now over the guitar.
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