1. katygrasslady
    I have ordered a MT 0, honey amber, due in Aug. I think I would like an armrest. Does anyone have a recommendation? I think I would like plain black or something else with no bling. What dimensions should I ask for one to be made? Or do they have to be custom fitted?
  2. Londy
    Katygrasslady, did you find an armrest for your Collings? I have been considering one as well. I have an MTO gloss black top and want ebony. I hear many talk about the McClung. Let me know your findings.
  3. terzinator
    contact Doug Edwards at hill country stringworks... (He makes the McClungs.) He made me one for my blackfaced MT and I love it. Plain black ebony. Just fits perfect and looks spot on with the black face. (Turn your volume down when you go to his site! He's got a mando tune that plays on the home page. Great tune (we play it now), but it's kinda loud if you're not ready for it!)
  4. katygrasslady
    Here's reply when I emailed Colling's.

    Hello Kathryn,

    Thank you for contacting us and for your special order MT-0.
    Unfortunately, we do not offer an armrest for any of our instruments.
    We have seen some of our mandolins that have had an armrest added to them, and have
    noticed that all of the armrest designs will most likely damage the finish.

    Sorry I couldn't have been of greater assistance.


    Mark Althans
    Collings Guitars
  5. bookmn
    I got the same opinion from Collings - they don't recommend an armrest as it can damage the finish. I was wanting one, too, but I think I'll hold off.
  6. katygrasslady
    I called my dealer and they asked about ETA. Still set at end of Aug. Getting real anxious. My beginner model Kentucky is developing a buzz and closest luthier is 4 hours away.
  7. acatasus
    I put an armrest on mine. I bought it from Cumberland Acoustic. I find it very comfortable. I don't see it causing any finish damage, but since I don't plan to ever remove it...
  8. Gary Leonard
    Gary Leonard
    I think that Collings would have to give such "advice" to inquiries about adding items to their mandolins.

    That said, me just handling the mandolin, and playing without a pickguard would also most likely damage the finish, albeit over time.

    I have added a McClurg armrest from Hill Country String Works, and couldn't be more happier with it.
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