Week #210 ~ Old Ebenezer

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    It was a close 3 way tie this week, but we finally got a tie-breaking vote. The winner is Old Ebenezer, which was submitted as a Monroe tune. I find it as Old Ebenezer Scrooge

    Herre are some videos:

    Here's a discussion of the tune on Mandolin Cafe.

    Here's some notation and mandolin tab.
  2. luurtie
    I think Greg Clark is amazing with this tune, with all of his tunes as a matter of fact

  3. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Dang...it's been a long time since I've posted anything on this group! I've been too busy doing other things and not playing enough. Nonetheless, I've been working on this tune for a long time and....I still don't have it down! It's really a finger buster and it is really a good tune to work on right hand technique...like so many Monroe tunes are.

    Anyways, here's my flub-filled participation:

  4. luurtie
    Nice Job Rob, it's realy a difficult tune....still practising
  5. sgarrity
    Nice power on that one Rob!!

    Here's a couple of versions. the first by itself and a bit too fast. The second is a medley with Old Dangerfield.

  6. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Wow, Shaun! very precise and steady picking. And fast!
  7. GKWilson
    Rob and Shaun. I was BBQing yesterday while you two were cooking.
  8. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Here's an ABC file of a pretty straight forward version of this tune:

    T:Old Ebeneezer Scrooge
    z8 |: "A"E2 AA =cB A=G | "G"=G2 Bd BA AA | "A"A,2 AA =cB A=G | "E"E=G GB "A"A2 A2 | \
    "A"E2 AA =cB A=G | "G"=G2 Bd BA AA | "A"A,2 AA =cB A=G |1 E"E"=G GB "A"A2 A2 :|2 E"E"=G G"A"B A2 ee | \
    |: "A"e2 ee =ge ee | "D"ea aa aa a=c' | "A"e2 ee =gf eA | "E"=cA Bd A=G E2 | "A"ee ee =ge ee | \
    "D"ea aa aa a=c' | "A"e2 =cB A=G GE |1 E"E"=G GB "A"A2 ee :|2 E"E"=G G"A"B A3=C | \
    "A"[A2E2] [A2E2] [A2E2] [A2E2] | "G"=G,2 B,D =GD DD | "A"[AE][AE] [AE][AE] [AE][AE] AA | \
    A"E"=c ce ec A2 | "A"[AE][AE] [AE][AE] [AE][AE] [AE][AE] | "G"=G,2 B,D =GD FD | "A"EE EA =cA c[AD] :| E"E"=G GB "A"A2 [A2D2] | \
    |: "A"A,=C E=G "G"FA FG | "E"EE EA "A"=cA c[AD] | "A"A,=C E=G "G"FA FG | "E"E=G GB "A"A2 [A2D2] | \
    "A"A,=C E=G "G"FA FG | "E"EE EA "A"=cA c[AD] | "A"A,=C E=G "G"FA FG | "E"E=G GB "A"A2 A2 :| e"A"e ae =ge fe | \
    =cA cA BA A=G | E=C A,C E=G FA | F=G EE AA [e2A2] | z8 | \
  9. luurtie
    Wow, what a difficult tune...Well done Rob and Shaun. You two did extremely well on this one, I camouflaged my mediocre playing a bit with the guitar

  10. OldSausage
    Nice job, Hendrick - it's not easy to get all those parts down in a short time. I'm going to be playing it nice and slow for a while yet...
  11. shortymack
    I just joined the group tonight, first post.

    Sorry about the bad audio quality, I forgot to turn off my tv right behind the camera and it didnt like it. Tried to do it again after I noticed it but my fingers were spent The next one will be better, thanks!

  12. OldSausage
    Nice job, Shorty, that's a powerful version and a great first post here. Keep 'em coming!
  13. jonny250
    well done guys some good versions there. Shorty you was flyin' through that - very cool. Luurtie you had a kind of 'folky' sound to it, i like the way you played the last part.
  14. laura809
    There were some impressively fast versions of this tune. Here's my slow work in progress. ress.
  15. Marcelyn
    Laura, is there nothing you can't tackle in a week? Really nice work.
  16. OldSausage
    I take my hat off to all of you guys who got this down so quickly - I still can't get it right, especially with the camera rolling, but here's what I've got anyway.

  17. jonny250
    Laura well done - you got that down pretty well! David that was cool, i like the [not sure if it B, C or D] Part - it sounds like theres all sorts of complicated things going on in there...
  18. OldSausage
    Yes, it is pretty cool, although that's also where my pinkie crumbles under the pressure whenever I try to record it - got to work on on that. I eventually noticed that everyone else (except the pros at the top) found a way to avoid using their pinkie in the D part by using the open A string instead, but I don't think you really get that cool spooky flavor unless you use it. I'm going to keep at it until my pinkie obeys I think Mike Compton gets it best, and he even adds in an extra spooky bit in the C part that I still haven't been able to figure out.
  19. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Nice, OldSausage! Of course you're getting a good handle on this tune! I think using the pinkie is critical on the d part and you just don't get "the spooky sound" without it. It's definitely the hardest part of this tune is the one part that make this whole tune just crumble if you can't do it. It's certainly where I always fail on it. It's just so tough to getting comfortable to using the pinky here but it will help with so many other future tunes and is perfect for building the dreaded pinkie strength.
    Compton does the c part in the above video with his little and ring finger playing the low notes and then the first finger hitting the C# at the same time. Such a brilliant addition to that tune and really helps a solo mandolin version of this tune sound even more full. The guy's a genius.

    Nice versions on this one everybody! What a tough tune.
  20. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Really fine picking by everyone on this epic Monroe tune. One of the best he ever wrote.

    Here it is on my new Hilburn A5. My husky is not impressed, but I really like how it plays and sounds. It's got new strings on it so it's a bit brash.

  21. OldSausage
    Excellent version, Don, you're really working that pinkie. You're also working your way through the world's entire supply of fine A5 mandolins, the Hilburn has a very sweet sound, I was thinking - is it brand new?
  22. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Thanks, David. Jim Hilburn just finished this mandolin a couple weeks ago, and I've had it about a week now. So yes, it's brand new.

    What can I say? I like mandolins. I've known Jim for a few years now, and I thought it'd be great to have one of his after playing a bunch of them.
  23. OldSausage
    I don't blame you Don, in fact, I applaud you.
  24. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    It'll be up to someone else to sample all the A5s from now on. I'm going to grow old(er) playing this one.
  25. OldSausage
    Right - until the next one Well, it's a job I'd be glad to have.
  26. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Some really great versions of this tune here. I haven't tried a Monroe tune in awhile but these are pretty inspiring.
  27. Marcelyn
    What an awesome mandolin, Don. Thanks for letting us in on how it sounds. Amazing picking too.
  28. GKWilson
    You got that right hand workin' Don. What great response and sound from your new mando.
    Can't wait to hear it a year, and years from now.
  29. jamann
    Hats off to all the great submissions so far.
    Don, really nice sounding new mandolin. I really dig your take on this great tune.
    OS, as always your sounding great on your SA.
    Not really sure why my video is on the top with the likes of Mike Compton and Chris Henry. As there is any comparison. NOT!
    Anyway I believe I submitted that video to an earlier thread that Shaun started http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/gr...871&do=discuss.
    Shaun, I dug your powerful versions as well. Your mandolin sounds great!
    Again, really great submissions from everyone. Really enjoyed listening to them all!
  30. OldSausage
    Thanks John, I think the reason you're up there is that you played it absolutely perfectly!
  31. MandoManCaleb

    My really late version! I'm falling behind on these tunes, but this is one I've wanted to learn forever! Everyone is sounding great on this one! David Grier does a phenomenal guitar version for anyone interested.
  32. luurtie
    How you make use of your pinky is amazing! This is what I call proffesional Caleb. You all made great versions, Shortymack, David and Don's versions are excellent. And Laura, you have that special groove I always hear. I don't know what it is, but I like it..
  33. AaronVW
    What a fun tune! Had to do this one even if it's late! Here is my quick attempt playin' for the baby.
  34. OldSausage
    Excellent. Someone hand that baby a banjo!
  35. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Hey, y'all.

  36. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Fine job, Mike. This one needs a Christmas bump.
  37. Cue Zephyr
    Cue Zephyr
    Bump because I love this tune and I tried to play it. Please excuse my sloppiness, I perhaps played it a little faster than I should have. I've been picking fiddle tunes since December, before that all I could really do was strum chords as if it were a guitar.

  38. Sasquatch
    Cue Zephyr, Big Mon himself would be proud of this fine rendition!! Great picking on a fine sounding mando. Are you using a Wegen pick?
    This happens to be one of my favorite MOnroe tunes. Another one you might tackle (if you haven't already is 'The Tanyards'. It has similar feel and nuances with the addition of chimes. 'Pilgrims Knob', 'Land of Lincoln', 'OLd Dangerfield' are also good Monroe Tunes. I have recently been noodling around with MOnroe's 'Lochwood' in the key of F.
    Again, Great Stuff!
  39. sgarrity
    You've only been playing mandolin since December????? I'd say you're off to a helluva fine start! Nice tone out of that mando too. What are you playing?
  40. Cue Zephyr
    Cue Zephyr
    Sasquatch, that means a lot, thank you.

    Yes, that is a Wegen, it's a TF120, i.e. the 1.2mm triangle pick. It feels a little too thin so I was thinking of getting a TF140 instead, but I thought I might as well bite the bullet and get a Blue Chip CT55 at some point.
    Looking at videos of Monroe's playing I found out that his playing isn't all that perfect in terms of clean technique, but it's rather perfect in terms of rhythm, tone and vibe. I'm torn between perfecting the technique or pursuing Bill's slight 'staccato noting. Having said that, I still feel that I fluff too much.

    The only other Monroe tune I've worked on is Old Dangerfield because Sierra Hull played it and I started to love it's modal tonality.

    I still want to record a proper cover of this, with guitar, (electric) bass and banjo. That might take me a while, however.

    I've owned my mandolin for three years, but it took me until December last year to decide to really pursue studying the mandolin as a seperate instrument. I could pick some three-note melodies and strum a dozen chords, but I couldn't play fiddle tunes. Bluegrass felt a little too daunting for me back then. I just went for it last December and I'm glad I did. After all, I chose to take up the mandolin to learn a different instrument, not just for a different sound. I got a banjo two weeks ago for much the same reason.
  41. Gelsenbury
    I think this proves yet again how valuable experience with other fretted instruments (usually guitar) can be in learning mandolin. I've had my mandolin for more than three years but I can't play like that! Really well played.
  42. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Really great sounding mandolin with an inspired performance. That's the right stuff right there!
  43. sgarrity
    What kind of mandolin is it?
  44. GKWilson
    CZ plays a Kentucky 550.
  45. Cue Zephyr
    Cue Zephyr
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Prior experience with stringed instruments sure gave me a head start on the mandolin as well as the banjo. No need to learn how to fret, hammer-on or pull-off, just needing to get used to the scale lengths and thereby the distance between frets. Of course, the right hand technique is very similar.

    Indeed, I play a Kentucky KM-550. It doesn't sound half as good as it could though - strings are about half as old as the time I've owned the mandolin (owned it for three years) and my iPhone's built-in microphone doesn't do it justice. I've ordered two sets of EXP74 strings and i'm practicing the chrods on guitar so stay tuned (ha-ha) for a follow-up.

    Bill Monroe has become a huge inspiration to me ever since learning more about him through his music and watching the Father of Bluegrass documentary. This rare interview also inspired me as Bill actually plays Old Ebenezer Scrooge here.
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