The kora and other stringed instruments and more about them

  1. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi forum members - I may have given myself some extensive work starting this forum. It is tricky finding information or rather enough good information about African instruments. This seems a kind of discrepancy as I live here in the Southern tip of Africa. However, I have a wonderful music mentor and friend from whom I could learn a great deal, so more pictures and information and perhaps even sound files to follow. For now I post information about the kora, some links for images
    So happy reading

    West African String Instruments - Kora, Bolon, Ngoni - Djembe Direct‎Result details
    West African string instruments like the kora, bolon, and ngoni, imported direct from Mali and Guinea, hand crafted in the traditional style.
    Images for Stringed instruments: Africa - Report images
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