1. JH Murray
    JH Murray
    I just ordered a Trinity College octave mandolin and it should arrive tomorrow. I already have a good selection of mandolin and guitar picks around the house. I was wondering what picks have you tried on your OM/bouzouki that you would recommend or avoid?
  2. artilleryo
    I've tried nearly all my picks. What I've found is that it's the same as with my other mandolin; it depends on the sound I want.
  3. Eddie Sheehy
    For OM's and Zouks I use a tri-cornered Clayton .63 mm. I use a BC 50 on my mandos.
  4. Dr H
    Dr H
    I use the same flatpick on pretty much every stringed instrument that I play with a pick: a heavy-gauge teardrop-shaped "jazz" pick. Seems to work well for me: stiff enough for good control, small enough to not hang-up my picking hand. When doing fingerstyle on guitar I sometimes use a thumbpick, but not on mandolin. On rare occasions I use three-corner felt-pick on autoharp. But on mando, mandola, and octave mando it's always the heavy teardrop.
  5. GKWilson
    I like a stiff pick for my OM.
    Usually a Pro Plec 1.5 or a Bluechip 60.
    It brings out the tone and gives me the control I like.
  6. BillC-PA
    I also play the Trinity College Octave, and I've tried several different picks over the past 6 months. My favorite - for comfort in handling as well as sound I get, are the Wegen TF-140s. (large triangular with holes)
  7. Killian King
    Killian King
    Right now, I like the sound of all my stringed instruments best with the BC TAD 50 I just bought.
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