Tomorrow shoudl be the day...

  1. Dale Pauline
    Dale Pauline
    My Flatiron F-5 Artist is due to arrive. I can not wait! 1986 Carlson signed.

    MAS is a good and bad thing.

  2. DataNick
    So Dale,

    How's the 86 Flatiron F5 Artist?
  3. Dale Pauline
    Dale Pauline
    Very sweet Nick. It's more of a mando than I am a player though. It arrived needing some fret work and I'm going to get that taken care of, but I am impressed. I'll post a photo soon.

  4. Wolfmanbob
    Good luck with that. I'm still playing my 94 F5 which beats just about any other ax I've heard, including an expensive hand made instrument by one of the "better" luthiers.
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