Week #200 ~ Eight More Miles to Louisville

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's runaway winner is Eight More Miles to Louisville, which was submitted as a BG tune.

    I got this from a new member, Larry Ayers:

    I noticed that it looks to be likely that "Eight More Miles To Louisville" will be voted in as next week's tune. I went looking for ABC files of the tune, or even tablature, and didn't come up with much. I did find a JPG file of a transcription compiled from various Grandpa Jones recordings (he wrote the song), and I transcribed the scrawled notation into a good ABC file, complete with chords:

    T:Eight More Miles To Louisville
    C:Grandpa Jones
    d|"G"G>G "D7"AA "G"BB "C"c2|"G"d>B "D7"FA "G"G2z|\
    "G"GG "D7"A>A "G"BB "C"c>c|"G"de d>B "D7"A2>G|\
    "C"cc e>c "G"BB d>d|d<e d>B "D7"A2>A2|"G"GG "D7"AA "G"BB "C"c>c|\
    "G"dB "d7"FA "G"G4||
    "G"dddd d<e dB|"C"AG GA "G"G4|dddd d>d dB|\
    "A"A<A A^c "D7"d2>d2|"C"cc e>c "G"BB d>B|d<e dB "D7"A4|\
    "G"GG"D7"AA "G"BB "C"c>c|"G"dd "D7"FF "G"G3z|

    Thanks, Larry! Way to participate! If anyone else has any links to the tune, please reply!
  2. Marcelyn
    You've got to love the author... "Outrageous!"

    Here's his earlier recording with Merl Travis I think.
  3. Eddie Sheehy
    It's on the 'other' mandolin site..

  4. OldSausage
    The versions I like are by Sam Bush:

    and the one on Blake and Rice 2 (Normal Blake and Tony Rice).

    And there's tab for Jimmy Gaudreau's break here: http://www.mandozine.com/music/searc...rder=A&submit=
  5. luurtie
    Yess! Especially these off stage performance's David....
  6. Eddie Sheehy
    The Mandohangout tabledit file above is a Sam Bush version.
  7. OldSausage
    I've tabbed out Sam's first break here:

  8. luurtie
    I saw it coming, couple of free days last week. Be aware, that Sam Bush solo is not very easy. I slowed it down a bit.

  9. justkaron
    Saw Sam and his band perform this live a year ago in November. It was a Sam Bush and Band concert at a local college as part of an artist and lecture series. Sam didn't lecture. Just played for almost three hours. When his band took a break, he didn't. His energy is amazing. Sixteen of us went to enjoy. Afterwards came back to my house and by pre arrangement all the guitar pickers brought their guitars and they played and we all sang. Had so much fun that night. That was before I'd ever picked up a mando.

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing what all of you do with this song!

    Really enjoyed your version Luurtie. Is your name Hedrick? I think maybe it is.
  10. luurtie
    Thanks Karon. My name is Hendrik... It's a common name in the Netherlands.
  11. justkaron
    Thanks, Hendrik for letting me know. I enjoy the way you're 'playing' with the visuals in your contributions here. Your playing and singing are always great too.

    BTW...I live about an hour and half from the Louisville mentioned in this song and when we're traveling up I-65 and I see the milage signs for Louisville I sing this song. I'm sure to my husband's dismay.
  12. Larry Ayers
    Larry Ayers
    I'm not really a bluegrass player but I've always liked this song. The mandolin is a nameless cranked-top instrument, perhaps a Harmony. I recorded guitar and fiddle tracks as a back-up.

    Nicely produced and played version,Luurie!

  13. Marcelyn
    Excellent, Hendrik! Thanks so much for slowing it down. If you notice a spike in your You Tube views, it's all of us practicing along.
    Nice instrumental rendition Larry and full of personality. You get a great sound out of your mandolin.
    Karin, we lived in Kentucky too for two years. Jeff says It doesn't matter how excited you may be to get home--when you're eight miles from Louisville, you'd better slow down. That's one major speed trap. You should treat us to your version.
  14. Eddie Sheehy
    Here's my marker... Played on a Rigel A+ Deluxe mandolin. I kinda invented my own break based on Sam's...

  15. justkaron
    Marcelyn....I don't actually live in KY. Live just a few miles north of the river in Ohio.
    I'll try to play 'something' for this tune but it'll be me way over my head.

    Really energetic start with your marker there, Eddie.
  16. harrywhohaa
    Hendrik, that was great, really enjoyed the breaks and the layered harmonies
    Larry, you got your groove going there sounds good
    Eddy, you must be happy with that Rigel the mid range notes in particular have a great tone
  17. OldSausage
    Great work from Eddie, Larry and Hendrik there. Nice job of singing harmonies on that one Hendrik. This tune seems to have something for everyone. I like Eddie's idea, start with Sam and take it your own way.
  18. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Thanks for the abc, Larry - I found the notation as well on timeguy.com. Excellent video from Hendrick as usual and good playing by Eddie. I consider Sam Bush soloes beyond me so I stuck to the tune and rythmn both on a Savannah. Went wrong on the ending - dont know why.
  19. luurtie
    That sounds happy Maudlin, I like your way of doing it! Well done Larry and Eddy...
  20. Larry Ayers
    Larry Ayers
    Nice playing, Maudlin Mandolin! You know, there's something to be said for playing and becoming familiar with a melody for a time before venturing into those stratospheric Bush and Grisman zones.

    Sam Bush is a great player, but I wanted the basic tune as it was first composed and played rather than transcribed Bush licks, which is why I wrote the Grandpa Jones-inspired ABC -- "Just the facts, Ma'am, I don't need to hear your speculations and embroideries just now!"
  21. bev wigney
    bev wigney
    Here's my humble attempt at this week's tune. I worked up a short version roughly based on a banjo instrumental played by the late Dave Hum. Here is a link to his video on youtube.

    For my own recording, I began by making a banjo track on a 1925 Weymann tenor banjo, then played along with that on a 1920s Stella flat-back mandolin. My recording set-up is pretty basic - just use the built-in mic and camera in an iMac.

    I hope the link and the video work right.
  22. bev wigney
    bev wigney
    I've enjoyed hearing all of these different versions. Looking forward to hearing a few more. Especially liked hearing Hendrik singing on his video. I'd contemplated singing too, but then chickened out!
  23. MandoManCaleb
    Everyone is sounding awesome on this one! I wasn't familiar with this, but I tried to work out Sam's break-- but no one can do it like Sam!

  24. OldSausage
    Very good work again Caleb, that's a nice take on Sam's break. I just about sneaked it in at the end of my version here. I enjoyed your version too, Bev, nice to hear the two instruments together on that.

    No video of me working this time, I hope y'all don't miss my face too bad:

  25. luurtie
    An incredible good multiinstrumentalist (David), an incredible fast mandoplayer (Caleb) and an incredible lovely old-instument playing lady (Bev)....and there all on this forum. I'm glad to be a member. Well done to all, what else do we need to watch and listen
  26. bev wigney
    bev wigney
    Thanks, Hendrik! I'm glad the hyphen in your comment fell between old and instrument and not between instrument and playing! I very much agree about the diversity of players on this forum. So enjoyable and interesting to see how tunes are interpreted and played.

    It was great seeing these latest videos. Well done, everyone!
  27. GKWilson
    I hadn't heard of this song before. I like it. Kinda catchy.
    As usual there are a lot of very fine versions this week.
    I believe this is Larry and Bev's first post. Very nice 'old timey' sound.
    Is it me or is the 'Old Sausage Band and Choir' just keep getting bigger?
    Karon. I like the artistic way you made your video. With accent lighting on your hands and fretboard.
    Reminds me of my own tapings. Only I just usually just forgot to turn on the extra light.
    I just bought a recorder for a workshop I attended. So, you may soon have to put up with
    my tone-def submissions again.
  28. Marcelyn
    It's so fun that this song fell on week 200 since it's brought a record number of excellent posts just two days in! It's really grown on me.
    David, that performance has so much drive and the break was incredible. It's destined for my MP3 player.
    And Caleb, you've definitely joined the ranks of the hard-core bluegrassers around here. Excellent!
    Bev, your duet is really clean and tight. That pair of instruments is great together.
    I opted not to put Jeff through the number of takes I'd need for every note in Sam's break. Even so, I still managed to get a flub on the eighth to last note, no less. Oh well.
  29. OldSausage
    Great job, Marcy and Jeff, you're really cooking on that one!
  30. Eddie Sheehy
    Some great pickin' and singing there guys...
  31. jonny250
    well played everyone! its great to hear so many variations - all good too.
    Gary, go for it...
  32. AaronVW
    Great job, all around! I just had to post something for 200...After listening to your version, Bev, I really wanted to try to get my tenor banjo going in this one. Alas, I barely had time to scrape up this quick version of Sam's break. That is some smooth pickin', Caleb! Marcelyn, good stuff! I have a friend who is learning to play banjo and I am trying to get him to join in on a SAW video. It is always better to play with others!

  33. bev wigney
    bev wigney
    Nice playing, Aaron!
  34. Marcelyn
    You've got Sam's break down pat, Aaron. Sounds great! That'll be fun to get your friend in on some of these tunes.
  35. jonny250
    Well one of the last as always, here is my attempt; i used 'band in a box' for the bass and added guitar strum, banjer and the mandolin i know i'm no singer, but the song kind of needs a vocal...
  36. luurtie
    I've heard much worse singers Johnny. Don't be afraid, and give it all! I like what I hear
    Wel done Aaron! Jeff and Marcelyn I'm becoming a fan...
  37. laura809
    Jonny, nice job being brave and putting the vocal in. You have some nice variations in your picking as well. There were lots of other great posts this week. Marcelyn and Jeff, that was a particularly strong performance. My version is nowhere near as polished as I would like, with at least a few sour notes, but we are trying to do this in only a week.
  38. bev wigney
    bev wigney
    Jonny and Laura - I enjoyed both those versions, especially as you included vocals!
  39. Marcelyn
    The only thing you did wrong, Jonny, was appologize for your singing. Great performance.
    Laura, your harmony in that version is so pretty.
  40. justkaron

    Is what it is. I'll keep working on it.

    and...this is a way I was trying to work through it earlier in the week.

    Not sure which has more value for me to pursue.
  41. Marcelyn
    You got yours in just under the wire, Karon! Nice work on having the discipline to practice with a metronome. Your progress is really showing. Oh, and Jeff made the same typo as you when uplouding our video to You Tube. You may be eight miles from Louisville, but you're nowhere near Lousiville.
  42. justkaron
    Lousiville! Oh noes!
    Thanks Marcelyn....for the encouragement and the sp correction.
  43. jonny250
    well played and sung Laura, sounding good

    Keep going Karon, big improvement already i like your top video [the second recording i think] getting the key notes sorted.
  44. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Nice jobs! I love this song.
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