1. fredy
    I would guess that Gibson ,Fender and others sell some instruments that are all ready distresed. NOW WHY WOULD I BUY AND INSTRUMENT THAT LOOK USED? Becouse it might fool others into thinking I knew how to play !!! Years ago when Mt biking was begining I was inpresed watching a guy ride up a hill I had just run. Haveing been a natioal champion cyclist (i971-2) I deciced to look into them. A bit of resurch told me that the current national mt bike champ. was riding a schwim bike mid priced, and bought one. learning the difference b/t road biken and Mt biken took a bit of time. Soon I was riding with a local group and leading the pack starting doing well in local races so well that the next year I was asked to compete in an lower age group do to the fact that the other 45 year olds were getting dippresed. One day when I was with the group I was told that I could be a Pro If I had a better bike ( high end bikes cost about 2 grand) which I could not afford. So one rainey day after a couple of beers I puled the bike apart and sanded and primed it, my son worked for a trucking co. and got me some Peterbuilt stickers which I applyed. Next race whice I placed well in the 35 year old bracket. People came over and looked at my New bike and ask about it. I told them that truck sales were down and the were branching out and they believed me. Same bike. The older I get the dumber I think some people are. I have seem way to many who think that and expensive instrument makes them play well. When I was racing you could say what you wanted but when the gun went of we all knew. Musician can FAKE it pretty easy. Now I sometimes put cartoon stickers on m instruments
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