Sunset In Capri (Tarzia/Cipolla)

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is a tune written in the 1960s jointly by Pete Tarzia and Rudy Cipolla. I have learned this from Sheri Mignano's transcription in the revised edition of her book "Mandolin Melodies" and see that she has also recorded it with her band Mandolinata di Matteo on their album "Mando Liscio". From the album liner notes:

    "“Sunset in Capri” (rumba). This handwritten lead sheet shows both Rudy Cipolla and Pete Tarzia’s name as joint composers. They regularly collaborated and lived near each other in the Sunset District in San Francisco. Possibly composed in the 1960s."

    I have omitted the repeat on the first verse as it gets a bit long otherwise. Not sure about the tempo; I may have taken it a bit fast.

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