Week #197 ~ Gold Rush

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Gold Rush, which was submitted as a bluegrass tune.

    I'm not familiar with the tune. I found these ABC's... not sure if this is the one intended:

    X: 43
    T:Gold Rush
    C:Byron Berline
    "A"ABce fcef|ac ef2 cef|af ecBAFA| E2EF E2 EF|!
    ABce fcef|[ca][fc][ec]c [Be][Ae][Be][ce] | [ac][fc][ec]c "E"[Be][Ae][FA]
    [2"A"[A2e2][Ae][Ae][A2e2]c'b||"A"a2f2e2 AB|"D"cBAF"A"E2EE|EFAB cABA|{B}
    [c2e2] [ce][ce] [c2e2] c'b|!
    a2f2e2 AB|"D"cBAF "A"E2EE|EFAB "E"cAFE|[1"A"{F}[A2A2][AA][AA][A2A2] c'b:

    Here's a discussion of the tune from a Mandolin Cafe forum.

    I found this on You Tube (this guy looks familiar!!)

    And this one of Bill Monroe:

  2. Marcelyn
    Here's the thread I remember from a ways back where David and Don give great examples of this tune.
    And here's the thread with the super version from the Saw Mountain Boys
  3. sgarrity
    One of my favorites. I've had the privilege of playing this one with Byron. Talk about being nervous!!

  4. Marcelyn
    Wow, Shaun, that sounds amazing!
  5. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Mighty fine, sgarrity !
  6. OldSausage
    Nice picking Shaun, I bet Byron enjoyed it!
  7. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very nicely played. We can only imagine how nicely it sounded when you played it with Byron...

  8. MandoManCaleb
    Here's my attempt at it. I hadn't played this one in a very long time! Great old tune! Tony Rice has a killer version on guitar with Jimmy Goodreau playing some solid mandolin if y'all haven't checked that version out!
  9. OldSausage
    I thought you were going to do the whole Jimmy Gaudreau version there - great picking though, so I'll let you off!
  10. sgarrity
    Thanks guys. Nice playing Caleb. Very clean!
  11. MandoManCaleb
    Sounding great, sgarrity! I was in a hurry earlier and didn't get to post that!

    OldSausage-- I wish I COULD do the Gaudreau version, haha. And thanks to both of y'all for the compliments!
  12. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very impressive picking Caleb!
  13. OldSausage
    Here's my go, I think it's about the third or fourth time I've posted this tune on here, but it changes a little bit every time.

  14. Gelsenbury
    I'm regularly amazed at how naturally those tricky ornamentations come to you. That goes for everyone who has posted here. Great musicianship!
  15. jonny250
    good playing Caleb and Shaun! OS that was amazing! now how do i slow that video down and figure out each part...
  16. OldSausage
    Hah, don't do it, Jonny, you'll see all my flubs then! Thanks guys.

    If you really do want to slow down the audio from YouTube videos, the easiest way I've found is to use Audacity to capture the audio, and then use Transcribe! or Amazing Slow Downer to slow it down - I think Audacity also has that feature, but Transcribe's is much more musician-friendly. Slowing down the actual video can be done, but I've never got results that are worthwhile - Transcribe includes the feature, but the frame rate on YouTubes is too low and the audio never syncs well enough.
  17. luurtie
    Wow, very nice an fast versions so far! Jonny, you can download the video as an MP4 with www.keepvid.com . When it's saved on your computer you can play it and slow it down with VLC mediaplayer which has that feature! I use it al the time with Davids video's it works really well! I'm still practising, I can't keep up with the speed of David and Caleb.....
  18. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    I use Audacity to slow down fast breaks so that my brain can comprehend what's happening. The do this in Audacity you select the whole song, go to effect and select Change Tempo and dial in the desired amount of slowing. Then export the result as an mp3. There are a lot of "slow downers" out there and they are really handy tools to use. (They are much better than how us old timers used to do it, that is, playing the record at the wrong speed and lifting the needle to the portion of the break we wanted to learn. Wore out a lot of vinyl that way...)
  19. luurtie
    My recording is ready, somewhat slower than my predecessor's but I think acceptable for me....

  20. OldSausage
    Very nice playing, Luurtie, I really enjoyed that.
  21. harrywhohaa
    They are both great to listen to OS and luurtie
  22. laura809
    Sgarrity and MandoManCaleb, I envy the speed at which you both can play these tunes. Nice job. OS, I've been wanting to learn this one since I saw one of your older versions. I enjoyed the variations that you put in. Luurtie, that was a nice solid version from you once again. By the way, what type of mandolin is that?
    I am new to this song, so here is a straight forward version from the arrangement in Steve Kaufman's Four Hour Bluegrass Workout.
  23. OldSausage
    Nice job Laura, sounds very pretty.
  24. luurtie
    That was pretty fast Laura....nice picking. I also took a lesson. There's a very nice one on the internet.
    http://www.bluegrassbooksonline.com/may06lesson.htm , this was very helpful for me. I hope to post a better version in the future, but my fingers won't go any faster. The mandolin I use here is a "The Loar LM220" , I bought it as a backup mandolin but it's a very good sounding mandolin! Unbelievable what you can get for your money..
  25. jonny250
    Nicely done Luurtie and Laura! nice and clean playing
    Here is my attempt, not so clean but i was having fun I used BanjobenClarks tab to get the guts of the tune on the mandolin, but then just 'did my own thing' [and crashed and burned at the end too...]:

    p.s. thanks for the info on video/audio editors, i use audacity a bit and amazing slow-downer for itunes files.
  26. OldSausage
    Good work Jonny, I like the way you're exploring that tune.
  27. luurtie
    I agree with David, you did very well! I enjoyed watching your version. I know how much time it takes to synchronise all these video overlays.
  28. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Good job, everybody. Shaun, you've really got it. Here are two: a "play along" version and "a capella," as it were.

  29. laura809
    Looks like you've really got it too Mike.
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