Week #194 ~ Red Rocking Chair

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner was Red Rocking Chair, which was submitted as a bluegrass tune.

    I'm not familiar with this tune. As usual, with bluegrass tunes, I am having trouble finding any notation or tab. Any help would be appreciated!

    Found this on Traditional Bluegrass Music

    I found these on You Tube:

    I found these lyrics:

    Red Rocking Chair [core]
    I ain't got no use for your red rocking chair
    I ain't got no sugar baby now
    No I ain't got no honey baby now

    And it's who'll rock the cradle, and who'll sing this song
    Who'll be your honey when I'm gone
    Who'll be your honey when I'm gone

    I'll rock the cradle, and I'll sing this song
    I'll rock the cradle when you're gone
    yes I'll rock the cradle when you're gone

    Laid her in the shade, gave her every dime I made
    What more could a poor boy do
    What more could a poor boy do

    I've done all I can do, said all I can say
    I'll sing it to your mama next payday
    I'll sing it to your mama next payday

    Some old rounder come along, took my sugar babe and gone
    And I ain't got no sugar baby now
    No I ain't got no honey baby now

    I see that this tune appeared here in the group in 2010 as an "Other Tune", but the video is no longer showing (at least on my computer)

    I found these lyrics with chords
  2. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Here's an abc of Red Apple Juice, which is another name for Red Rocking Chair. So far I've found recorded versions in C#m, Dm, F#m and Gm. Seems everyone transposes it for their singer which is as it should be...

    T:Red Apple Juice
    z4| z2 c/2 c3/2| c2 dd| c2 A3/2 G/2| A c2 A| D2- D z| D2 FF| Ac AF|\
    D2- D z|
    D2 FFG/2-F/2 AG F| D4 z4|
  3. luurtie
    Nice tune, I like the version of Leela & Ellie Grace. I think the best way is to keep this tune simple. Although a little long, the combination of clawhammer banjo and mandolin sounds wonderful with their voices.
    Here's mine

  4. justkaron
    Luurtie! Wow.
    All good...esp singing.
  5. GKWilson
    Double Wow, Nicely done sir.
  6. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Here's our go at it. We have been fooling around with it awhile and this seemed to be the best fit. Sorry for the sound quality. We did this one on the porch so it is what it is, I suppose.
  7. OldSausage
    Great stuff Luurtie, sounds very cool, nice mando breaks. Reall Enjoyed your version too, Steve, that's closer to the one I know.
  8. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    I highly encourage everyone to check Big Medicine's version of this song. Joe Newberry can sing like a meadowlark. Very strong music. Awesome job Lurrtie--very tastefully done.
  9. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Luurtie, excellent playing and singing on this one.
    And Steve, always a pleasure to listen to you all play...
  10. OldSausage
    Here's my production - couldn't get the solos I wanted on camera, so the video's a bit dull. This is pretty much my own version, but with ideas stolen from all over.

  11. luurtie
    Brilliant David, The Oldsausage band. I wonder how you managed this.....
  12. Marcelyn
    I'm loving this song and these old time renditions of it.
    Really nice, Hendrik-the picking and the harmony are spectacular.
    Steve, you're picking style is always great and Dawn really sounds amazing on this one. Whish I could hear your group live.
    David, very cool version.
  13. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great versions aleady from Luurtie Steve and O S.
    Mine uses the chords from David Miller and Doc Watsons lyrics.
  14. OldSausage
    Great job,MM. Luurtie, I have a blog post all about my recording techniques here: http://mandoliniana.blogspot.com/201...ent-check.html
  15. luurtie
    Thanks David, I was very curious about it. I understand the clou is in experimenting a lot and a buying a good condenser microphone. I mostly use my Tascam DP004 multitrack recorder, which has build-in condenser mic's. I'll crop the video and take the audiotrack apart. Synchronising it with my Tascam mastermix is very easy with appropriate multitrack software. Sometimes I use my Samson CU01 USB condenser Microphone, but with multitrack software I always experience latency problems.
  16. jonny250
    well played guys, sound good!
    nothing from me this week as i am concentrating on my AOB submission for MM...
  17. OldSausage
    Jonny - what are you working on for Mike? Luurtie - I've also found USB mics are useless for multitrack recording because of latency.
  18. jonny250
    David, i'm working on 'Sittin on top of the world' and 'Little maggie'... i haven't sent anything for a while!
  19. Marcelyn
    More cool cross picking from you Maudlin. That's such a fun style.
    Here's a version from Jeff and me. Thanks to whomever suggested this one. It's been a treat to learn.

  20. OldSausage
    Sounding good, Marcy and Jeff.
  21. luurtie
    Wow, I like that version version very much! Well done Marcelyn and Jeff!
  22. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Triple wow! Since I've last checked there's been three more completely different versions of the same tune you got to love SAW. OldSausage's modern up date, with it's jazzy guitar chords against the traditional banjo allows David a lot of room to improvise on his mandolin. All of this is happening behind his great vocals. Maudlin's version is something completely different. It's a very personal take on an old tune and the mandolin seems to harken back to the middle ages at times. Very cool. Marcy and Jeff have put together a great old time version. Jeff's banjo and Marcy's mandolin play well together and highlight Marcy's beautiful singing... Well done everyone!
  23. laura809
    All of the example videos were so diverse, it's no wonder that we are getting such an interesting variety of posts. It wasn't just a change of key, the chord progressions and melodies I found were often completely different. Luurtie, I also enjoyed the Leela and Ellie Grace version, and borrowed the idea of starting on the IV chord from it. You did a nice job. I liked the harmonies and thought your solos were excellent. OS, you get the award for most original. I loved the jazz/blues feel. The arrangement and recording were so polished that you could probably put it on your next CD. Maudlin, I agree with Michael's comment about yours sounding like it was from the middle ages. For some reason it reminded me of the song Scarborough Fair. Marcelyn and Jeff, that was excellent, and this seems to be the perfect tune for your old-timey style.
  24. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Great job, Marcelyn--you have an excellent voice for Old Time. You guys sound great.
  25. Marcelyn
    Thanks so much everyone.
    Some really cool improvising in that version, Laura. You definitely know your way around the fretboard.
  26. JLewis
    I am dumbfounded once again, Laura. Wonderful! You always come up with something of your own.

    BTW I miss the children and dogs in the background of your more recent posts. As a parent of 4 (all grown now), seeing the chaos of home life with children always gave me a grin.
  27. OldSausage
    Nice job, Laura, some really good ideas building there.
  28. jonny250
    good singing and playing there Marcelyn and Laura! so many different versions. Laura your mandolin, playing and mic/sound setup seems to work very well - sounds very good.
  29. luurtie
    Hey Laura, a pleasure to listen to! This is what I call relaxing music. You have a pretty voice! Also recorded in good sound quality, what do you use?
  30. laura809
    Thanks everyone. Luurtie, I use Logic (Mac), with a Focusrite Scarlett2i2 recording interface, and a Rode NT1 microphone.
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