Week #193 ~ Tennessee Blues (Skaggs & Rice)

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Tennessee Blues (Skaggs & Rice)

    Here are some videos:

    I'm not familiar with this tune; when I search, I find both Tennessee Blues and East Tennessee Blues, but not sure if these are two different tunes!

    Here's a link to the notation and abc for Tennessee Blues on abcnotation.com from nigelgatherer

    Here's a link to the notation and abc for East Tennessee Blues on abcnotation.com from Nottingham Music database
  2. OldSausage
    East Tennessee Blues is a completely different tune. Tennessee Blues was written by Bill Monroe, and that's the tune Skaggs and Rice play on their eponymous album. East Tennessee Blues is by Charlie Bowman. And the "Tennessee Blues" that Will Fly is playing above is not either of those. Luurtie has the right one. In the "Two Tunes" video with Josh Turner, Tennessee Blues is the second tune.

    Here's how you play Tennessee Blues:

    Here's the tab on Mandozine.
  3. Eddie Sheehy
    I prefer Barbara's first video above...
  4. WillFly
    The "Tennessee Blues" in my video (second one down) was written and originally recorded by the great Louisiana songwriter and performer Bobby Charles (Robert Charles Guidry, 1938-2010).

    At the time I made this video - 2007 - there was nothing whatsoever on YouTube by Bobby Charles, so I recorded this song by him as faithfully as I could to the original by way of a little tribute...
  5. richieb
    I found this by Bill Monroe:

    Never heard it before today, but I love this tune!
  6. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Thanks, guys! As evidenced by the fact that I totally jumped the gun, thinking today was Friday, I am obviously too pre-occupied to spend any time researching these tunes!!!!
  7. Kristibob
    In your defense, Barb..in some parts of the world, it is Friday....lol
  8. OldSausage
    That's a great find, richieb, I think I have that recording somewhere, that is Monroe at his best. Barbara, feel free to make it Friday any day of the week!
  9. luurtie
    Here´s another great version I got my inspiration from:

  10. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Although I rarely post, I often learn these tunes and always appreciate the samples you provide, Barbara. You always find variations in style and your examples save me time. And with your post of East Tenn Blues I got to learn about both tunes which were unfamiliar to me. Now down to business: luurtie's vid is absolutely great and is the way I want to learn this one.
  11. OldSausage
    This tune is both easier and harder than it looks. It was one of the first tunes I worked on when I started taking lessons on the mandolin. I'm still working on it now.

  12. luurtie
    Just wat I expected David! The best version I've ever heard! I wil make a new recording this week en hope to improve what I did a few weeks ago
  13. jonny250
    David that was amazing! I enjoyed seeing what you threw in there - lots!
    Luurtie your first version was already impressive, so looking forward to the take 2...
    I'm finding the timing, or lack of?, to be a struggle - its like there are lots of back steps thrown in...
  14. OldSausage
    Thanks very much guys. Yes, I'm looking forward to your 2nd version too, Luurtie.

    The timing is tricky, there's just one place in the b section where there's a half bar missing, I think, but it's hard to get it just right.
  15. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Really cooking on that one OS. I have never really been able to catch the feel of it but it has been a couple of years since I tried. Maybe we will dust it off this week.
  16. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    That's smokin' hot, OS!
  17. luurtie
    I noticed de difference in our versions. In the original and your version de E-chord doesn't continue that long. I'll try to get the hold of it before i post a new one.
  18. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    luurtie & OS are hot acts to follow, however I ain't too bashful to try. It has to be said that, although I've borrowed a lot of licks from this song over the years, this is the first time I've actually tried to learn it. Recording the backup track on guitar I discovered that the song has an odd number of measures (17) and one of 'em (12) has an extra beat in it too! No wonder it's so easy to get lost when playing it. Well it is a blues and you just have to go with what you feel.

  19. OldSausage
    Nice job, Michael!
  20. luurtie
    Wow Michael, very nice! I agree with you, I did spend 2 hours to try Davids timings...I didn't manage to get it right, too late for me I guess
    Here's a new version where I put some little extra's in it

  21. OldSausage
    Very cool, Luurtie, lots of nice ideas there.
  22. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    How great is that? It's a twofer from luurtie... two for the price of one! Both are excellent too.
  23. laura809
    I opted for a slower version so I wouldn't have to do 1000 takes. Maybe it will encourage some other players to give this one a try. It really is a fun tune. OS, Michael and Luurtie are tough acts to follow. Even though I recorded my version much slower, I enjoyed trying to play along at the tempos you guys managed. I also really enjoyed the variations that you all put in.
  24. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    One good thing about a blues tune is that it sounds good no matter the tempo. Well done Laura!
  25. luurtie
    That sounds very nice Laura! I agree with Michael, it doesn't have to be played very fast. I like it at this speed..
  26. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Fun tune! Started working on it tonight, but since everybody is posting their in-process versions, here's mine. May repost when I get it up to ramming speed.

  27. jonny250
    wow, lots more good versions of this tune. Laura you sounded pretty much up to speed to me!
    I used the 'amazing slow-downer to try and get the notes. I have also included my 'first ever' tag ending ok so its just a scale
    I took delivery of a new [to me] Gibson F5G in mid-December, so this is now my weapon of choice; here my attempt:
  28. laura809
    Mike, I'm impressed that you are even aspiring to get it worked up to full Monroe speed. I wish! Playing fast is not one of my strengths. I' m not sure I'll ever be able to play real bluegrass.
    Jonny, your new mandolin is awesome. I've been looking for a used one to fit my budget, but I can't find any modern Gibson f's at all in my area, even to try one out. Are the lows as sweet as the highs on that thing?

    By the way Mike, what type of manado are you playing?
  29. jonny250
    A week just wasnt long enough for this tune eh! I will add it to my list to keep working on...
    Laura i think the lower strings sound better than the high ones on my new toy, hard to show on a cheap camera microphone, but i notice how much better tone there is compared to my kentucky. I bought it from the classified ads on here and had it sent accross the atlantic, so glad it turned out be be a good one
  30. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Excellent playing Jonny -that "weapon" is really effective.
    I tried to play the version in Mandozine but that tricky middle section completely defeated me. I agree it woukld take several weeks to learn to play this one properly.
  31. justkaron
    Hope Ya'll are aware of the pure teaching you're doing here. Thanking each of you for it.
    We're blessed with this group.
  32. sgarrity
    Here's my go at it. Down and dirty and too fast!

  33. OldSausage
    Excellent Shaun, sounds great at any speed. Where did you get that t shirt?
  34. luurtie
    I heard some things that came from the original Ricky Skaggs version. Very nice playing Shaun!
  35. sgarrity
    Thank you gentlemen!! The t-shirt came from Japan. I have no idea what it says
  36. OldSausage
    It says something like "Isle of the immortals in the waves". I can't figure out why.
  37. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    After a few more days of practice, and some isles of immortals in the waves, and a bottle of Newcastle Brown ale...

  38. GHall
    Double the fun with both the kids
  39. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Well done Ben and Libby... and that's a nice ending Libby!
  40. woodenfingers
    Wow, so much fun! Great kids and a great dad shredding up a great tune.
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