Week #192 ~ Auld Lang Syne

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner, for the last official tune for 2013, is Auld Lang Syne.

    Most of you are probably familiar with this song!

    Here's a link to the notation, abc & a midi on abcnotation.com.

    Happy New Year!
  2. sgarrity
    Here's my go at it in G on the mandola

    Thanks to everyone in this group for the wonderful music this year. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  3. richieb
    OK, I'll try:

    Happy New Year!
  4. SMH
    Pardon the clunkers but I wanted to wish a Happy New Year to you all. I really look forward to lots of great new videos this year, and I plan on posting a lot more as I get less camera shy.



  5. justkaron

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all the wonderful folks here at Song a Week! What a treasure this group is for all of us!

  6. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Happy new year to all of you...

  7. laura809
    Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Wow Laura, video overlays! Nicely done!
  9. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I've just about managed to record this on New Year's Day, while it is still seasonal.

    This is a rather unusual four-part close harmony arrangement of Auld Lang Syne. Taken from a 1986 vocal arrangement by Hugh Harris at:

    Link to PDF sheet music

    I have played it on five different mandolins:

    1. 1915 Luigi Embergher bowlback mandolin (tremolo melody line)
    2. "Baroq-ulele" bowlback soprano ukulele/lute, tuned GDAE (staccato melody line in unison)
    3. 1890s Umberto Ceccherini bowlback mandolin (high harmony).
    4. Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin (middle harmony).
    5. 1920s 10-string German waldzither, tuned CGDAE (low harmony/mandola).

    Rhythm on tenor guitar.

    This one sounds quite different from how the tune is usually played, in particular when played instrumental rather than vocal. The arrangement is intended to be played "with great sobriety and a military beat" as a military funeral tune. My recording is not as slow as that would imply, but still rather stately and with a strict four-square rhythm. It's in the key of F rather than the more common G.

  10. OldSausage
    A happy New year to all you contributors, lurkers and watchers, it's so great to have you all here. Someone bought me a tin whistle for Christmas, so I've worked that in - I think I have a way to go as a tin whistle player!

  11. laura809
    Nice OS, penny whistle and all, but what are the tinker toys for?
  12. OldSausage
    Thanks Laura. They are my lollipops, made and handed to me by little miss Sausage of 3 years. It is my part to pretend-lick each one and exclaim upon the delightful flavor.
  13. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    It's a Clark D I guess David? I play tinwhistle en lowwhistle also. Very nice version you made there!
  14. OldSausage
    Thanks Luurtie - yes, it's a Clarke sweetone D. It would be great to see your whistle playing.
  15. GHall
    Happy New Year, everyone!

  16. Gelsenbury
    Thank you, and happy new year to you too!
  17. crisscross
    Nice swing version of a classic farewell to the old year tune!
    Happy New Year from me too!
  18. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Another enchanting vid, thanks guys and Happy New Year to you too.
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