new American ff

  1. Steve Ostrander
    Steve Ostrander
    Just bought an American ff last week. I was in Elderly and I played it and was blown away by the volume, chop and dry, woody tone. I have to say that I was always slightly put off by the non-traditional design, but now this mando is my go-to instrument! When I got home I A/B tested it against my F9 and my km900. It surpasses BOTH.

    My only complaint is that my strap keeps slipping off the hook. Anybody have a solution?
  2. Snafu
    Hi Steve...
    I bought an Quartz FF several years ago and have the same problem. I have been thinking of gluing a strap button (minus the screw part) at the very inside end of the scroll. Haven't done it yet but it seems plausible. Also, be careful of the end pin. They tend to come loose. I had to put some scotch tape and reinsert mine. I highly suggest that you do not glue it in place because if it is like mine you won't be able to remove the part that you fasten the strings to if it ever needs replacing.
    Good luck with the Breedlove. I really like mine and agree with you about the positive aspects of the Breedlove.
  3. Snafu
    Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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