Tuner buttons

  1. Pete Counter
    Pete Counter
    Does anyone know where to get ebony buttons that will fit my KM-1500?
    You might try these guys. Not sure, but it's worth a try.

  3. Pete Counter
    Pete Counter
    Nothin there, any where else?
  4. houseworker
    Which sort of shaft are your buttons mounted on? Gotoh switched from using a square shaft to one with two flats. You can put StewMac buttons on the square shaft.
    Either way, Roger Siminoff carries the Gotoh range for the USA and lists a set of black ivoroid buttons at $28. Just be certain to tell him which shaft type you have if you order.
  5. ledbailey
    hi Kentucky players! I have a 1500 /1988 since new and yes the buttons are cracking. some answers are if you own a square shaft its 2.5 mm the newer ones are a bit larger and only square on two sides. I like being a bit different from main stream therefore I will be making my own from an exotic wood sold on ebay. yes from scratch it will be a challenge but in the winter up here in Canada it should prove fun and pass time. if anyone is interested in following my project I could post some pics on my site. if you have seen the hand made bell on my 1500 it was just an idea I came up with and made one. ledbailey
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