Any new pieces being worked on guys?

  1. aconnormartin
    Just wondering

  2. richieb
    On my music stand I have Beethoven's Fur Elise and Bach's Cello Suite # 1. I'm frustrated with them, so now I'm going back to basics. Currently working on good old Minuet in G by Bach. I might even post it up here in a few days, we'll see.
  3. aconnormartin
    Would be interested to hear it! Cello Suite is easy once you get all of the notes down as it is only 8th notes If i can remember correctly. Fur Elise on piano I'm guessing? I'm trying to learn it for piano. If you are talking about some crazy mandolin version then I must see it!! Cheers
  4. artilleryo
    I'm putting some polish on Bouree #1 from Bach's Cello Suite No. 3. Now I'm sort of fishing around for something new.
  5. Beanzy
    I'm working through the Beethoven Sonatines and Adagios WoO 43&44 so I get them up to speed to practice with my wife on piano. Hope to perform them next February/March along with a piece I'll be looking at with a harpist in the summer Tango of the Roses by Schrier and Bottero arranged by cafe member Evelyn ("Harper").

    My next rummage will be to do some pieces for violin and mandolin with piano accompaniment.
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