Roxanna Waltz

  1. sgarrity
    Written by Bill Monroe and popularized by Kenny Baker.

  2. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    I really like that tune Shaun and you played it beautifully, oh and your dog is just too cute for words. Maybe you could get him to do some tricks when you play? or dance?
  3. Kristibob
    I agree with's beautiful! ( I agree about the dog,
  4. Marcelyn
    I love waltzes, and that's an especially pretty one.
  5. Eddie Sheehy
    Yeah Shaun, can't you you do tricks or dance while you play?
    Great rendition dude...
  6. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Very nice double stops and tremolo, and a beautiful tune!

    I hardly dare to ask again: do you know where I could find the notation/tabs for the Roxanna and Melissa Waltzes?
  7. sgarrity
    Thanks for the kind words everyone. It really is a beautiful tune. This version is mainly from Kenny Baker's playing. Monroe apparently recorded it in 1994 but it was never released.

    And sorry Manfred, I learned both of those by ear. They are somewhat obscure tunes so I doubt there's any mando tab out there for them.
  8. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Shaun, that is really a fantastic tune and you played it so well! In fact, I had to look it up and I did find it in standard at folktunefinder and in tabs at I definitely will be learning it, and I'll keep coming back to your post for assistance.
  9. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Shaun, nice job on a great waltz.

    Manfred, here's a link to what seems to be a pretty good tab at as mentioned previously.
  10. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Thanks, Michael. I need to learn, or maybe remember, to actually include the link. I have a friend, ahem Loretta, who reminds me of that.
  11. jamann
    Shaun, What a beautiful waltz along with some fine finger work there. Really enjoyed your playing and the tone your getting out of your mando. Very nice!
  12. jamann
    It's been a while since I posted anything (life gets in the way) and ever since Shaun posted this great tune I've been wanting to figure it out and learn it. I finally got around to it.
    Shaun thanks for starting this post and I hope you don't mind if I borrowed some of your ideas. I really like this waltz. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed learning!


  13. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Great version, Shaun. You really get the feel of the tune so well and you techniques are great. I love the way the dog seems to be saying "Oh, it's that tune he's been practising all morning - might as well just curl up again".
    Jamann, great tone and playing on your version too!
  14. Marcelyn
    Really nice, John. You've got that real Monroe sound.
  15. sgarrity
    Thanks guys!! And John......that sounds wonderful!! You really pull the tone out of that mando!
  16. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Pretty sure we got inspired on this one by you, Shaun. Great job by both you and Jamann.I think we were the only two to do it in the Taterbug group, although it sure has entered my permanent rotation- its a great's our go at it. Catch Dawns expression at about 40 seconds when she buzzes that E string. She cracks me up.
  17. crisscross
    Great versions by Shaun, jamman, Steve and Dawn!That's how a Bill Monroe tune is suposed to sound like.
    My version is a little different, I doubt Bill would have liked it. Or even recognised...
  18. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Good to hear this tune being played again, Christian. Great tone you have here in both instruments, and very fine playing.
  19. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    CC - lovely playing and nice to listen to.
  20. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    A noble tune CC!
  21. Frankdolin
    Great versions here by all! Here's a version I did today in my backyard woods.Thanks for the listen!
  22. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Amazing Frank, I’ve got to learn this (style) today!!!
  23. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Anyone got the TAB for this?
  24. bbcee
    Oh great, I was searching the group for Dawg's Waltz and got totally sidetracked by this one! Great job Frankdolin, and everyone else who submitted a version in the past, another to add to the To Learn list.
  25. Frithjof
    Frank - Great timing and great tone!

    Simon – I’m happy to watch your vid tomorrow.
  26. Frithjof
    Michaelís link from 2012 isnít working but the same pdf is now available at a UK mandolin website.
  27. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Now there is a man at peace with himself! Lovely video and great playing, Frank. Is that an audio recorder (Zoom or Tascam) on the tripod and if so did you use the sound from it to replace the sound on your camera?
  28. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Frithjof, you don’t have the source code version though?
  29. Frithjof
    Tere is a different version on
  30. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
  31. Frankdolin
    Thank you all so much! Yes John. But I use my Tascam as a "live" mic, in record mode directly to my DSLRs mic input.
  32. Sherry Cadenhead
    Sherry Cadenhead
    Nice, Frank! How are you able to play so many tunes from memory???

    John, I'm surprised you haven't recorded this one.
  33. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks sooooo much guys, I followed Frithjof’s encouragement and played this all day, well quite a lot of the day, following Mr. S. Garrity’s vid.
    Yep, some progress made, and sounds sweet, but my ears are ringing like crazy from all the tremolo!
    Will have to practice like Frank -in a forest.
  34. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Sounds great, Frank!
  35. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Am working on it Frithjof.

    Demystification time for this waltz.
    With my jig-head the only way to write this out was as a Slide! So if you like Slides, this might help!
    The pick direction I settled on was the familiar DUD DUD DUD that a lot of people use, except that most of the time one measure is really
    DUDUDU DUDUDU D - - - D- [each of the three groups has the same amount of time, and Ive spent a bit of time just metronoming this except I use a metronome with a jig hesitation in it ]

    And sometimes a group D- - -D- is played as D-U-D- or, more rarely D- - -U- or even D- D- D- but only possible on slower waltzes...

    So in the second measure below in bold type c2c is basically six tremolo beats, c2c is six tremolo beats and the cdc is D- U -D- for the measure and each group counted equally to make a slow 1,2,3 waltz...

    -This pattern is quite common in the tune so it’s worth practicing the abrupt transition of tremolo to DUD and also the abrupt tremolo to D-D transition.

    T:Roxanna Waltz (KENNY BAKER version as a slide)
    L: 1/8
    |CE2G|:"C"c2c c2c cdc|"E"B2B B2B c2B |"F"A2A A2G E2C| "C"G,2G, G,2G, G,B,C
    |"F"F2F F2F A,_B,=B, |"G"E2E E2E DED |1"C"C2E3 EAGE|"G"G2G G2G G2C:|
    2"C"C2E3 C2D^=C|"G"_B,2B, B,2B, B,2B,||"F"F2F F2F F2A|"Adim"d2d d2d AcA |
    "C"G2G "G"G2G GFE |"C"G2G G2G G2G| "D"D2D ^F2F A2A |"D"d2^c =c2c c2A |
    "G"=B2B B2B Bc^c |"G7"d2d d2d d2G|"C"(c4 cd/2c/2)|"E"(B4 B)c/2B/2|
    "F"A3 G EC|"C"G,4 (3A,B,c,|"F"F3A, _B,=B,|"G"E4 _E=E|C6||

    and am not sure of the last 7 or so measures.

    Will post something soon!
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