Presto from violin sonata in g minor

  1. Mandonube
    Disclaimer: I'm new to the mando (just started playing early last month) and have been plugging away at this little Bach presto since I began. It's not quite ready and there are a few mistakes as I was really nervous making the video.

    I've noticed that the folks who have uploaded this piece to youtube seem to stay more or less in one position, but I've been messing around with different solutions. I've changed my mind so many times now, I've lost count and I'm still not convinced I'm doing this the best way. But I think it's really important to think about positions in order to get consistency of phrasing and rhythmic emphasis on the right notes. Not that you can tell from my playing... that's the aim, anyway!

    Goes without saying that Chris Thile does it much better!
  2. Traveling Tracks
    Traveling Tracks
    I'm learning this presto as well.....have you checked out Mike Marshall's book? That's what I use.
    Also, have you tried practicing with a metronome, it works wonders. It really helps keep you "honest" as to what speed you can correctly play something at. Take it slow at first and then increase the tempo as you feel comfortable.
  3. Ken_P
    Sorry for being late to the party - I don't check these groups nearly as often as I should. Fantastic work, especially for being so new to the instrument. I've been playing for quite a few years and much of my Bach isn't much better! Have you been working on it since you posted this video? How's it coming?

    As far as fingering and positions go, I say keep trying! I change my mind about stuff like that all the time. Sometimes something will make sense one day and you can't figure out what you were thinking the next time you try it. The nice thing is there's no right or wrong way to do it - it's just a matter of your comfort and the interpretation you're looking for.
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