Week #175 ~ El Condor Pasa ~ Peruvian

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is El Condor Pasa, which was submitted as a Peruvian tune.

    I am extremely short on time, and hope someone else can come up with some help as to this tune!

    Here is a You Tube video that Eddie found:

    I recognize this from Simon and Garfunkle... ah the good old days!
  2. Marcelyn
    Well, I will first use my vast knowledge of the Spanish language to translate... "The Condor Passes"
    And maybe a little more helpful, here's the ABC

    T:El Condor Pasa Clari
    N:abceed by Thorsongori
    z6 z3/2B/2|E/2^D/2E/2F/2 G/2F/2G/2A/2 [B3-G3][dB-]|[B3G3]e/2d/2 [B3G3]A/2G/2|E3G E3z/2B/2|
    E/2^D/2E/2F/2 G/2F/2G/2A/2 [B3-G3][dB-]|[B3G3]e/2d/2 [B2-G2-] [B/2G/2-]G/2A/2G/2|E3G E2 z3/2G/2|[e3/2c3/2][d/2B/2] [e/2c/2-][d/2c/2B/2][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [e3-c3][g/2e/2-][e/2c/2]|
    [d3B3][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [B3-G3-][B/2G/2]G/2|[e3/2c3/2][d/2B/2] [e/2-c/2-][e/2d/2c/2B/2][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [e3-c3][g/2e/2-][e/2c/2]|[d3B3][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [B3G3]A/2G/2|E3G E2 z3/2B/2|
    E/2^D/2E/2F/2 G/2F/2G/2A/2 [B3-G3][dB-]|[B3G3]e/2d/2 [B3G3]A/2G/2|E3G E3z/2B/2|E/2^D/2E/2F/2 G/2F/2G/2A/2 [B/2-A/2G/2-][B2-G2-][B/2-G/2][dB-]|
    [B3G3]e/2d/2 [B3G3]A/2G/2|E3G E2 z3/2G/2|[e3/2c3/2][d/2B/2] [e/2-c/2-][e/2d/2c/2B/2][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [e3-c3][g/2e/2-][e/2c/2]|[d3B3][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [B3-G3-][B/2G/2]G/2|
    [e3/2c3/2][d/2B/2] [e/2-c/2-][e/2d/2c/2B/2][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [e3-c3][g/2e/2-][e/2c/2]|[d3B3][e/2c/2][d/2B/2] [B3G3]A/2G/2|E3G E3A/2G/2|E3B E2
    And a link to an article about the song on Wikipedia
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I recorded this tune a little while ago -- this is the first mandolin part from an arrangement for mandolin orchestra picked up from the now-defunct Nakano site, leaving out the sections where the second/mandola parts take the melody.

  4. Eddie Sheehy
    Martin, can you share the arrangement please?
  5. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas

    I'm traveling on business at the moment and as the PDF is on my office computer, I'll only get to it when I'm back in the UK. May take a week or two.

  6. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very nicely played Martin.
  7. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's an abc that is a little closer to the Simon & Garfunkel melody than what Marcy posted:

    X: 1
    T:El Condor Pasa
    C:Daniel Alomia Robles
    B,2|E2^D2E2F2 G2F2G2A2|B12d2d2|B12e2d2|B8z2B2A2G2|AGE8z2B4|AGE12 B,2|
    E2^D2E2F2 G2F2G2A2|B12e2d2|B8(3z2e2d2 e2d2|edB8 B2A2G2|AGE8 z2B4|AGE12B2|
    e6d2 e2d2e2g2|g2f2e8g2e2|d8 z2d2e2d2|B12z2B2|e6d2 e2d2e2d2|e8 z2e2g2e2|d8z2d2e2d2|
    B8z2B2A2G2|AGE6 z2E2G2B2|AGE12z2|
  8. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Good stuff Martin. Here's my version.
  9. Marcelyn
    Oh, just noticed I pasted the bass part above instead of the melody. Thanks David. I switched it. Thanks for the early versions to get things going Martin and Maudlin.
  10. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's my version on my Sobell mandolin with some baritone guitar, bass, concertina and a smattering of percussion.

  11. Topher Gayle
    Topher Gayle
    Sweet, David! Nice arrangement.
  12. Eddie Sheehy
    I put this together for a bit of fun in 3 single takes - so flubs and all...

  13. laura809
    I enjoyed all the arrangements. Eddie, it was especially nice to have a flute make an appearance. I was hoping to get more time to work on this, but it has been a busy week. The vocal is especially rough. This first note is a bit low for my voice. I only captured one of the mandolin tracks in the video.
  14. Marcelyn
    Really pretty, Laura. The tremolo at the beginning is awesome. You sound like a mandolin orchestra.
    Eddie and David, you both managed to get such an authentic Peruvian sound with the flutes and the percussion.
  15. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Laura, another proof of your amazing musicianship!
  16. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Slightly late, but here is the mandolin orchestra/quartet arrangement I used for my clip earlier in the thread. The first mandolin part on its own works well for solo playing, with judicious omission of non-melody passages.

    Link to PDF sheet music

  17. Dobes2TBK
    At one point I had that down on the dulcimer. Some where along the line I'd acquired a book of Latin American tunes for dulcimer & El Condor Pasa was in it. I'll need to pull that out and see what I can't do with it for the mandos.
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