Does anyone have the sheet music to "Way" Marie (aka Oh Marie)?

  1. Elliot Luber
    Elliot Luber
    Visiting my wife's aunt soon. Her late husband loved that song.
  2. Elliot Luber
    Elliot Luber
    No one home?
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Hi Santiago,

    Yes, I have the music for Oi Marie -- it's in the repertoire folder for our Italian/Classical ensemble although we don't play it very often. I'll dig it out and send a scan when I'm next in the office (which will be on Tuesday, as it's a holiday in the UK this Monday).

  4. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Santiago --

    I've just uploaded our arrangement of Oi Marie, in four parts (1st mandolin, 2nd mandolin, octave mandolin and guitar). For solo playing, the first mando part on its own is fine, although it's better with the second mandolin added.

    Link to PDF

  5. BIG Dave J
    BIG Dave J
    Thanks Martin
    My Mother taught this song to my Sister and I about 55 years ago and I have also been searching for the music for mandolin. Any chance you have the words in Italian? I'm sure my recollection is way off especially since I learned them phonetically.
  6. Elliot Luber
    Elliot Luber
    Thank you Martin, this is fantastic!
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