Some Easy Italian Songs

  1. RsmySC
    Hi everyone!
    I'm looking for some easy Italian songs to learn. I'm still pretty new to the mandolin and
    know about 10 chords; so if any of you have ideas let me know!! I'm glad to start playing some Italian songs so I appreciate your help in helping me get some good material!!
    Thanks, Rosemary
  2. FatBear
    Hi Rosemary,

    I just saw your year-old posting, but I thought I'd offer my suggestions. I am a fairly novice player, having just started in June of 2011. One of the first songs I learned after I figured out the fingering was O Sole Mio. It's pretty easy. I found a tab and played with it until I liked my still very simple rendition. I also play Santa Lucia. Those are two of the most common traditional Italian folk songs in existence. Go to any trattoria in Italy, whip out your mandolin, play those songs and I guarantee you will have people singing along with you. I also more recently learned Ritorno a Sorriento. That's a very moody song and very Neapolitan, both in sound and because Sorriento is the local dialect name for Sorrento. (English translation is Come Back to Sorrento.) All three of those songs are slow enough for a beginner to figure out and play and are Italian enough for an expert to play without embarrassment over their simplicity.
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