Gibson A - age??

  1. banjo35
    How can I get the age of my Gibson A S/N 73846 ??
    Thanks in advance for replies..
    I am NEW to this today.
  2. G7MOF
    Check out the Gibson Archive, It's coming up as 1923.
  3. banjo35
    THANKS for the info. Looked up s/n 738xx looked at pics. Not mine.
    Looked up s/n 728xx looked at pics. Matches mine exactly.
    Discovered that my s/n is really 72846.
    s/n is very faint on label.
  4. G7MOF
    Don't go off the picture for clarification, there may be gaps in the archive where your s/n should be.
    You should have put this in the General area on the forum for more advice!
    Can you post pictures?
  5. banjo35
    after more looking today Mandolin Archive has a new listing for
    s/n 72841. stamp # 11850
    After checking for stamp number my s/n 72846 has stamp # 11850
    I am new to this will try to add pics which I just took. (with a bit of luck)
  6. banjo35
    Totally lost on load picture. Have them stored in a file on my computer.
    don't have url. no atachments icon on this page. more reading for me reqd.
  7. G7MOF
    11850 is the FON as we call it, this is the Factory Order Number which can sometimes bare no relationship to the Serial number.
    Please put this in the General section of the forum, you will get better/ more advice than just off me!
  8. polymerchm
    Just puchased an used A-4. The FON stamp is 3171. I used an infrared camera to read the faded serial number. Best I can tell its 3201. (maybe 3701). I find neither in the archive. Red color throughout (no sunburst). No tuss rod. Full Gibson and fluer de lis inlay at headstock. Is this really 1904 vintage?
  9. pheffernan
    That FON pinged a 1916 A4 from Charles Johnson:
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