Week # 166 ~ Jack Danielson's Reel

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Jack Danielson's Reel. I'm not familiar with this tune.

    I can't find notation right off the bat. I've found that it's a old time fiddle tune.

    I found this You Tube of Mandolin Cafe's own Dan Beimborn doing the tune.

    If anyone can find any more for this tune, I'd appreciate it!
  2. justkaron
    Found this little bit of fiddling of it...

  3. Eddie Sheehy
    It's on Norman Blake's mandolin tutor DVD - The Mandolin of Norman Blake
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    Those who voted for 'Mouth of the Tobique' will find it in Week #64...
  5. laura809
    Does anyone know if Jack Daniel's reel is the same as Jack Danielson's? Here is tab for Jack Daniel's reel:
  6. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Jack Daniels is a well known Cape Breton tune and not the same as Jack Danielson's Reel.
  7. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    For what it's worth, there's a TablEdit version of Jack Danielson's Reel (transcribed from Norman Blake's playing) at Mandozine:


    There's also a plain text tab version here:


  8. JLewis
    For those without TablEdit, here's the abc exported from it.

    T:Jack Danielson's Reel
    C:Traditional - Arr. Norman Blake
    N:Tabledited by Mike Stangeland
    z6 E^G |: "A"A2 ^GB A2 GA | BA ^GB A^c BA | "E"^GA B^c d2 ^f^g | a^g a^f ed ^cB | \
    "A"A2 ^GB A2 GA | BA ^GB A^c BA | "E"^GA B^c de ^f^g |1 a2 [^g2A2] [a2A2] E^G :|2 a2 [a2A2] [a2A2] z2 | \
    |: "A"^c'e ae c'e ae | ^c'e c'e c'e ae | "E"d'e be d'e be | d'e be d'e be | "A"^c'e ae c'e ae | \
    ^c'e ae c'e a2 | "E"e^f ^gf ed ^cB |1 e"A"a e^c A2 z2 :|2 e"A"a e^c A2 cB |: "A"A^c ea ^c'a ee | \
    A^c ea ^c'a ee | "E"B2 e^g be ge | a2 ^g^f ed ^cB | "A"A^c ea ^c'a ee | A^c ea ^c'a ee | \
    "E"B2 ^g^f ed ^cB |1 e"A"a e^c A2 cB :| \
    |2 e"A"a ec A4 | \
    W:Created with TablEdit http://www.tabledit.com/
  9. peterangell
    Hi all, looks like I'm first to post again this week, this is a lot slower that the abc suggested (138 vs 442!) and with only one video to watch, not really sure if this cuts it, but anyway...
  10. GKWilson
    Hi Peter. I think you're pretty spot on. This is an OT tune not BG.
    This is one of the first tunes I learned. I'll try to dust it off and record it.
  11. GKWilson
    Only had time for a quick once through.
  12. laura809
    Wow! Not a lot of action on this one. This was actually a lot of fun to learn. The B part is really fun to play and I will probably use it a lot when improvising. The C part is a really fun way to practice arpeggios, but it was hard for me to play it as fast as the rest of the tune. Peter and GK thanks for posting. It was nice to have some examples to listen to that were not lightning fast like the guy on youtube.
  13. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Excellent work there, Peter, Gary and Laura's band.
    Gary, did I watch you play the G sharp with your pinkie? That's not what the doctor prescribes
    Plenty of action here on my side, Laura. I have been practicing this tune A LOT and have twice messed up two otherwise perfect takes in the last couple of measures. I have to look at my fingers when going up the neck and that always causes trouble. I normally just look at my notes, even if I know the tune by heart.
    Hope to post tomorrow.
  14. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Nice playing Laura (and band), Gary and Peter. I'm looking forward to your version, Manfred.

    I figure any tune Norman Blake plays or teaches is worth learning. Here's my go at it on the Duff A5.

  15. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    To play the ornaments on the B part, you play the fretted note with the downstroke, pull off to the open string (it takes some sideways pulling to get the open string to ring on the pull off), then play the open string with the upstroke. The down/up strokes stay the same tempo as the rest of the tune. It's just that you pull off to the open string in the time between the down and up strokes, if that makes any sense.

    As Frank Wakefield would say, "It sounds better than it really is."
  16. GKWilson
    Nice job Don and Laura. Good to see a little action on this one.
    I guess we have different Dr's Manfred. The one that did the rehab on my left hand
    said it would be OK. I started playing mandolin for therepy and fell in love with the
    little 8 string monster. My hand is much better now, but I still play some tunes the way
    I learned them. Doesn't really seem to hurt anything and my pinkie gets some exercise.
  17. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    I hope we get some more versions of this tune.
  18. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Don, thanks for your excellent rendition of the Norman Blake version. I have also tried the 'ornaments' you mention. I call them the Sam Bush triplets, because I learned them from one of his instructional DVDs. There he says that he practices them while watching television until he sees flakes from his callouses in the air.
    I have cheated towards the end, because I wanted to post:

  19. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    That sounds really great, Manfred, and your Sam Bush triplets are quite impressive. They're fun to do once you get them going.
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