She's so sweet!!

  1. Aldo
    Florentine #192 lives at my house..... Pics later.....
  2. Tacomando
    I may well own, or have owned, more of Lawrence's gems than anyone out there. I've never owned one of his A models (there was one I was foolish enough to let get away). I am particularly a fan of his larger mando family instruments. I've never owned a Smart 'cello, but I long for the day... He is great to work with and really knows his stuff.
  3. Aldo
    Sorry I didn't see your reply. I was lucky to get such a master instrument... Wayne Fugate has an A (as well as a gorgeous F) and it's just as awesome as the Florentines... Heard he's on line for a Mandola. All the Smarts I've seen rock...
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