let's try it this way

  1. billkilpatrick
    here's my FB address - if you're so inclined, please feel free to post yours:

  2. Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson
    See if this works. the profile link seems odd. but what do I know I play a mandolin not a computer. and not very well on either one. oops.. that is not going to work....
  3. JayA
    Glad to see that Facebook is not a dirty word round here!

  4. billkilpatrick
    tim - just copy your address at the top of your FB home page and paste it here.

    jay - you're conservative and religious - i ain't - we're going to have lots of fun ...
  5. JayA
    But we both share a love for Mandolin. There is always common ground...
  6. WayneLetang
  7. billkilpatrick
    oh yes ... whatever differences there may be, we're all stringfellows - first and foremost.
  8. justkaron
    Dat's me.
    I'm a way liberal and too political unit on FB. Hoping this won't come back to bite me.

    Love the idea that we can see more about one another's interests etc.
    As Jay said we have the common ground of loving music and mandos.

    I'll go try to friend some folks now. Karon rubs her hands together gleefully.
  9. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    If you follow me on FB, you'll mostly find out: what type of music I listen to, how the Indians are doing, what some of my favorite quotes are, what's up with my wife & kids, and what the weather is like in NE Ohio.
    Oh, and you'll see lots of pictures of my instruments...
  10. Dan Hoover
    Dan Hoover
  11. justkaron
    Ed I live diagonal down and across the state from you in SW Ohio...near Cincinnati. Dunno why...just thought I'd throw that out there.
  12. Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson
    Ok here it is. This just didn't look right but I guess it is

  13. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Tim and others, if you'd like to change the url of your Facebook page to something more personalized, here is how you would do that:
    * Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your page (it's next to the 'Home' button)
    * Click on account settings
    * Click on 'edit username'
    * Enter personalized user name.
  14. Marty Henrickson
    Marty Henrickson
    Here's mine: http://www.facebook.com/marty.henrickson

    Where you can find out about what's going on with my family, links to music and music videos I like, and random photos that I like to post from time to time. Not much sports content until college football season, then you may want to rethink how you get notifications if you use a mobile device....just sayin' .

    I do tend to lean towards the conservative side on politics and religion, but I do believe that, as music lovers, we should be able to find more common ground than most.
  15. Kristibob
    Here's mine...if I did the copy stuff correctly:

  16. Beanzy
    Couldn't quite figure out what's going on, but this is my FB. https://www.facebook.com/eoin.donnellon
    I'll do a list for 'Musicians' so you all don't get the general FB chaff.
  17. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi my facebook address is: pasha.alden.9@facebook.com
  18. ComMANDOmatt
    I'm new to the cafe and loving it! Here's my FB address: http://www.facebook.com/matt.lovejoy82 I hope to meet some other mando lovers living life to the fullest!
  19. Kristibob
    Hello, Matt, and welcome! I just left a message for you on your facebook page..so great to have you here..and there..lol...I live in the newbies group almost all of the time, as I've only been playing for 7 months...but I wander around the cafe now and then.
  20. Birtie Dean
    Birtie Dean
    I'm with ComMANMDOmatt - new here and loving it! Excited to invite y'all to visit my Facebook page - and do please feel free to add me as well if you are so inclined.

    My friend and I frequently post videos of ourselves at bluegrass pickin' parties - although we're only singing for now. He (banjo) and I (mando) started learning our instruments at the same time (a week ago!), so y'all can see our progression.


  21. tirvaluk
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