Week #160 ~ Galway Hornpipe

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Galway Hornpipe. I'm not familiar with this tune.

    I found many links to the tune, very similar with little differences in ornamentation.

    Here's standard notation and a midi file, on Traditional Irish Music

    Here is a link to the tune on thesession.org

    Here is the abc from that site:

    X: 1
    T: Galway, The
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: hornpipe
    K: Dmaj
    |:FE|D2 FA dAFD|CDEF G2 FE|D2 FA dcdf|edcB AGFE|
    |:de|f2 fg fedc|BABc B2 Bd|e2 ef edcB|A2 ce a2 AB|
    d2 df edAF|GFGA BdcB|AdcB AGFE|D2 CE D2:|

    Here is the notation and abc on abctunesearch

    Here is standard notation and TAB from Nigel Gatherer

    Here's a nice You Tube video played on an old bowl-back mandolin, and then a 5 string banjo, and then back to the bowlback, with ornamentation...

  2. laura809
    I used the notation on Traditiional Irish Music for my version. The C natural didn't seem right to me, unless they were going for the dissonant sound. Sure enough, the version on the Session uses a C#.
  3. OldSausage
    Nice one Laura, the old Gibson sounds great on this. Interestingly the guy in the video above is going to the C natural too - I think that if you did that, then you would want to be playing a C chord behind it, instead of the A.
  4. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Very nice Laura. My version has C# throughout but it does sound a bit different to yours and the one Barbara found. Here it is.

  5. laura809
    Nice job MM. Was that the version off the session.org? I recorded my backup chords from the same notation that had the c natural. It calls for an A7, but Am7 (or C as OS suggested) would make more sense. I didn't notice the dissonance until I went to record the melody over it. The example video also used a C so I just went ahead and kept it. Does anyone know where this tune originally comes from?
  6. Chris Hasty
    Chris Hasty

    Here's a brief history on the tune from ibiblio.org

    GALWAY HORNPIPE [1]. AKA and see “The Baldheaded Bachelor,” “Dan Lowry’s,” “McDermott’s Hornpipe [1],” “McDermot’s No. 2,” “McDanaugh’s Clog,” “McDonaugh’s Clog.” Irish, Hornpipe. D Major. Standard tuning. AABB (Allan, Bain, Cranitch, Mallinson): AABB’ (Mulvihill). The tune appears as the first two parts of a four-part hornpipe recorded under the title “McDermott’s” in New York in 1922 by County Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman (see “McDermot’s No. 2” for the second two parts). Sources for notated versions: Fennig’s All Stars (New York) [Brody]; Montreal fiddler Jean Carignan [Miller & Perron]. Allan's Irish Fiddler, No. 107, pg. 27. Bain (50 Fiddle Solos), 1989; pg. 29. Brody (Fiddler’s Fakebook), 1983; pg. 116. Cranitch (Irish Fiddle Book), 1996; No. 87, pg. 160. Mallinson (Enduring), 1995; No. 82, pg. 34. Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 1977; vol. 3, No. 32. Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 2nd Edition, 2006; pg. 116. Mulvihill (1st Collection), 1986; No. 36, pg. 99. Front Hall 01, Fennig's All Stars‑ "The Hammered Dulcimer." Green Linnett GLCD 1119, Cherish the Ladies - "The Back Door" (1992). Philo I 2018, Jean Carignan‑ "Plays Coleman, Morrison, and Skinner" (appears as third tune of 'Hornpipe Set').

    See also listings at:

    Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index

    Jane Keefer’s Folk Music Index: An Index to Recorded Sources

    Alan Ng’s Irishtune.info

    T:Galway Hornpipe, The [1]
    N:Bar 4 of 2nd part also played |(3ABA ^GB A2 (3ABc|
    Z:transcribed by henrik.norbeck@mailbox.swipnet.se
    FE|D2FA dAFD|CDEF GEFE|D2 FA dcdf|(3efe (3dcB (3ABA (3GFE|
    |:de|fefg fedc|BABc B2cd|edef edcB|(3ABA ce a2 (3ABc|
    dcde fdAF|GFGA BdcB AGFE|(3DED CE D2:|
  7. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Laura, MM - Very Nice. Laura, I always enjoy your background. It really rounds out the tune. I especially enjoyed your OM and then the mandolin - very enjoyable contrast. MM, I too went with the C#. Your triplets sound great and I think your speed is perfect. Thank you both for sharing.

  8. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    3 good versions so far. Laura, sounded great with that backing; maudlin, those triplets are sounding good; Mike, enjoyed that too;

    I'm a bit rushed this week so went for a first take, and don't have my normal recording stuff so there's a bit of a hum in the background; I might try and record a better version later in the week if I have time

  9. justkaron
    Neil, I can't see your video...just wondering if anyone else is having any problem with seeing it.

    I can view all the others on the page. No message or anything on yours...just a blank area where the vid should be.

    OOPS...I changes something on my security and now I can see it. Never mind.

    Goodness....now it says 'this video is private'...prolly I should come back later...LOL.
  10. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    No, I don't think it's your settings, I posted it wrongly then edited it; that should be you able to see it now hopefully.
  11. justkaron
    Neil...it still says the video is private.
  12. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    Sorry, you're right, as well as posting it wrongly I had it private instead of unlisted, hopefully that's it now.
  13. justkaron
    It was worth the wait, Neil! Very nicely done. Esp liked the tremelo at the end there...LOL!
    I'll look up some simple tabs for this if there are any available. Like the tune.

    editing...did find this tab http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/fo...y_hornpipe.pdf
    and I nice little midi to remind me of how the timing goes. Think I'll work on it.
  14. justkaron
    Well Geesh...for some reason I was thinking Neil was catching up on an older tune of the week here. It's this weeks tune. Is there a face palm smiley?

    Ah well....really enjoyed ALL the videos posted so far! Inspiring......
  15. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Again, a great tune that has generated a lot of fine responses. After listening to the many and varied offerings, I thought I'd try the tenor banjo (neglected for a while) and my mandolin for this version. I too have gone with the C# rather than the natural!

  16. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Well played John, Neil, Mike, Duncan & Laura. I've known this one as McDermott's No. 1, it has some accidentals, D# & G# in the B part I'm particularly fond of. I've included some "lazy" triplets to make everyone else feel superior, well actually because I didn't practice. I thought it was better to post something rather than post something good.

  17. peddyrmac
    anyone else been having Youtube problems? It's been busting my balls for the last 24 hours by turning my uploads into scrambled noisy unwatchable videos (so maybe not much different than usual). I have done a couple of re-records to see if that is the problem, but thats not the problem. Here's take 2 via Vimeo...

    sorry for the (lack of) facial expressions...I am looking down at the music...
  18. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Don't know about the YouTube problem, peddyrmac, but I have a blank screen here where your Vimeo clip should be! There is indeed a "(lack of) facial expressions..." as you say, as well as a lack of any video.
  19. peddyrmac
    Youtube is playing ball again!

  20. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Problem solved! I can now take my pick of the two vids. Nice playing, by the way. Instrument sounds good too.
  21. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    "I thought it was better to post something rather than post something good."
    David, that's the most immodest understatement I ever read

    All of you have set a high standard already. I have started practising (and will continue to do so while I am out of town for the week) and I think I will do a less light and ethereal version than David's - instead, I'll probably go for some brisk "March of the Hobbits" like Peddyr did. Not sure yet what I will do with that natural C. Prepare to be surprised... or not.
  22. peddyrmac
    Just for a bit of fun on a Sunday night before bedtime I thought I would try to go round Ireland in 3 hornpipes. Here are 3 quick versions (1 time through each) of the Galway, Cork and Belfast hornpipes

  23. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Refreshing Peddyr - couldn't go to bed after that. I think I know the middle one by the name of Harvest Home.
  24. peddyrmac
    Yes Bertram, that is the harvest home reel aka the Cork hornpipe.

    I know there is a Dublin reel but not a hornpipe. If anyone knows of one I will see if I can squeeze it in
  25. jonny250
    well played folks! Peddyr that was a fine effort with the 3 hornpipes - they work well together
  26. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Good set, P. Especially liked your triplets on the Belfast. had not realised that Harvest Home was also the Cork Hornpipe; it's one we play regularly and I only knew it as HH!
  27. Francis J
    Francis J
    Here's my contribution for this week, the Galway Hornpipe. I recorded it last week, mislaid the video, and then re-recorded (just the video bit). The mandolin I'm playing on the video isn't the one you can hear on audio...... hope you can follow all that nonsense.

  28. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Nice one, Francis. I love the banjo when it comes in - sometimes it takes an Irishman to get that sound.
  29. Francis J
    Francis J
    Thanks John, the Gibson is a great old axe!
  30. peddyrmac
    Ah a nice mandolin banjo duet Francis, I enjoyed that. I wish I had some multitracking skills...or just 4 hands.
  31. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Here's mine on my Collings MT2O mandolin. There is a computer hiccup in the middle, but I made so few mistakes on this one, I went with this one anyway... I love this tune!

  32. OldSausage
    Great job, Barbara, really nice clarity on the ornaments.
  33. Francis J
    Francis J
    Thank you peddyrmac, I'm working from a Zoom R16 which does the hard bit for me, although I know some of the folks here use on-board recording software, I have always had computer latency issues because of inadequate processing power, or poor quality sound card etc. so when I got the chance to get a stand-alone recorder, I jumped at it. Multi tracking makes for a lot of fun!
    Barbara, your version is crisp and clean and flows along beautifully, as always. Seems that the old C / C# debate has settled on a transatlantic stand off! I love both ways, ...it's amazing how one little note can change the feel of the tune so much!
  34. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Once again lovely playing, Barbara. Very relaxed and you have a great sound from the Collings.
  35. peddyrmac
    yep c# all the way for me. The c natural sounds dissonant to my ear... no jokes about my tuning sounding dissonant to everyone elses ear!
  36. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I had a little time this morning, so I pulled out my 1930's Slingerland May Bell tenor banjo. Only managed to come up with the tune once through... but you get the idea! I played the C# rather than the C natural on this one.

    When I played this yesterday on my mandolin, I hammered the triplet runs, but on tenor banjo, I pick them.... Not flawlessly, but, hey, it was early in the morning!

  37. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Whoo Barb, you've made the C/C# thingie even harder for me - it sounds so seductive.
  38. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    Such a happy tune! Oh yes, that C/C# is very cool .... and like Mr. Henze says .... seductive. Kind of sneaky too, in a good way.
  39. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    I finally decided to with C# but let the C survive in a doublestop.
    For this recording, I boarded my time machine and played in the Harland & Wolff shipyard, Belfast, at the building site of the Titanic (you can hear steam engines roar and tools ring in the back)
    ...kidding. It was so warm today I had to leave the windows open, so now you know what acoustics are like in Europe's largest urban area on a Sunday afternoon.

  40. peterangell
    Hi - I was given a Fender FM53S Mandolin for my birthday on 25th March - here I am 2 months later - any tips would be gratefully received... sorry it is a bit of a plodder on the tempo front! all the best... Pete

  41. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Welcome Pete! Great first video! What instrument had you played previously?
  42. peterangell
    OK, so I've played Bass Guitar in a local rock covers band for the last 20 years - we gig about once or twice a month, plus I play the piano at home...
  43. OldSausage
    Hi Peter - good work.You've made a great start and it really sounds good. I can't really see your right hand so not sure what's going on there, but sounds okay. Your left hand, from your thmb position it looks like you may be palming the neck - there should be some space between the neck and the skin between your thumb and first finger, and your palm shouldn't touch the back of the neck. You also want to hold it so the neck is as stable as possible and you're not supporting or steadying it with your left hand. Think about getting it between your legs and hunching over it a little more so the neck can't move. Try to engage your whole body in playing, not just your hands. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.
  44. peterangell
    Hey that's really helpful - I will try to do that. thanks for the tip! Pete
  45. justkaron
    What I'm having with my coffee this morning.

    Forgive the visual effects...like to paint and draw and this seems to be a pastel/charcoal drawing come to life...sorta.

    Want to try to hang with Ya'll and do at least a part of each of your songs of the week....know that I can't keep up (far from it) but think setting the task to try at least a bit each week will help me along.

    So...that's forewarning.

    OK...many second thoughts about the visual effects...I'll post them straight up, too, so that hands, thus what I'm doing wrong or right, can be seen. This is what I have for the thread this morning though.
  46. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Nice visuals, Karon - you should try to have more coffee with your music
    One thing: shoot for a steady beat - make it as slow and easy as ever you wish, but make it steady as heartbeat. That'll be a small step for your hands but a big leap for your joy of music.
  47. justkaron
    Thanks for the advice, Bertram. I'll be sure to work on that. I know it's true what you're saying here.
  48. Tony Avitua
    Tony Avitua
    Hi Karon,

    I am taking your suggestion and posting my attempt here on this thread too. It is good that as members of the Newbies group we sort of motivate each other. As I mentioned, I took the easier route and used the link Barbara posted for the easier version at session.org. I plan to go back and try the fancier version as I have time. It is a nice fun tune.

  49. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Good and solid, Tony, way to go!
    Less solid: I couldn't take my eyes off that coffee mug perching precariously on the rack behind you
  50. GKWilson
    Out of all your hats Tony this ones the best.
    Have a good Memorial Day and thanks.
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