Luthier Eastern Ontario (Ottawa)

  1. Brian Sharpe
    Brian Sharpe
    I need to find someone (preferably in the Ottawa area) who does really good mandolin setups. Mine needs one but every time I go to the Ottawa Folklore Centre (who seem to be the only folks in town that even carry mandolins) I end up leaving po'ed at the lack of customer service (it's frustrating being ignored while the staff are too busy chatting to serve anyone - maybe I should tape a $100 bill to my forehead).

    Any recommendations? (I'd be willing to drive as far as Kingston)
  2. Mike Bunting
    I have no problem butting in on their conversation. You'll have to because my friend likes their acoustic tech and has work done there. The fellows name is Brian Dubbeldam. Tell him that Sneezy's brother, (my friend, not me), sent you.
  3. WayneLetang

    here is a site for set up, do a google search.. Wayne
  4. Brian Sharpe
    Brian Sharpe
    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll give it a shot myself, I do my own bass setups but am probably being overly concerned (mandolins seem so tiny & fragile by comparison....)
  5. Mike Bunting
    Dig through this site for tips.
  6. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    I was also thinking of taking my bouzouki to the Ottawa folklore centre for some setup work. Glad to hear they have a good setup tech.
  7. JH Murray
    JH Murray
    Nathan Curry is an Ottawa area luthier/builder of mandolins and bouzoukis.
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