Virginia Jam Sessions and Festivals

  1. wmlebleu
    Post any local area Jam Sessions you know of, and up-coming Festivals you have heard of, or plan on attending. Maybe even plans on parking lot picking at a Festival, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Richmond area: Public Parks are good places to meet and play: Dorey in Varina, Rockwood in Chesterfield, etc....

    If you would like to put together a something like this, just say what day and time you'll be there, maybe others could show up if they know about it.
  2. hyperlinked
    My 2 cents... I like your idea, seems to be 20 in this group now, however many may be in the Richmond metro area? Maybe put it together as a family picnic kind of thing, since our families know how much we enjoy playing. Personally I am a newbie, been trying to play about a year, so I may not have much to add to a jam session, but I would enjoy the chance to sit ,watch, and learn, maybe gradually attempting a few chords. I hope this works out!
  3. fatt-dad
    Reporting from Richmond, Virginia: I go to two well-attended jams each month. The second Tuesday of the month is the Jahnke Road Jam (held at the Jahnke Road Baptist Church) and the forth Tuesday of the month is the Rockwood Park Jam (held at the nature center at the Rockwood Park. Please note that in June (only in June) the Jahnke Road Jam will be moved to the first Tuesday to avoid some church conflict. The Jahnke Road Jam often draws 50 or more pickers and differenet jam groups will develop in the various Sunday School rooms. I always go upstairs and play old-time with my jam mates. The Rockwood jam is just old-time (i.e., no bluegrass).

    I'll also mention the Sunday afternoon jam at the Cary Street Cafe. This runs from 2 to 5 and is mostly old-time. If you attend any of these introduce yourself to me. I'm the tallest guy in the room (6'-5") and playing my a5 as loud as possible. It's a weakness. . .

  4. hyperlinked
    Thanks f-d, what are the times for the Janke and Rockwood jams?
  5. fatt-dad
    7:00 pm for both. Tonight I'll be at Jahnke Road for sure!

  6. wmlebleu
    Hey guys,

    Hope I can make some of these. Hard to find time to get together and play, work keeps me busy and on the road a lot. I travel up and down the east coast. Wife is very jealous of my time when I am home, so she keeps me going rest of time. However, she's a nurse and when she's working I get to spend time doing my hobbies. Hopefully, her workdays and my not travelling time will coincide with some of these jam sessions.

    The reason I put the parking lot picker thing up is so I can make some acquantances to let know when I have some free time to play. Doesn't matter skill level, I ain't that good that I would care, more interested in sitting down with someone, or more, who are interested in learning a few tunes we can play together to make a good sound eventually. Styles vary from fiddle tunes to old time to bluegrass to country and old time gospel.
  7. rgray

    I know you already have this link but thought this might be a good place to repost for anyone else.
    Monthly calendar jams, sessions, dances, radio shows, etc. in Central Virginia. ("Central" is very loosely used.)
  8. hyperlinked
    Hey f-d, I went to the Rockwood Park Jam last night, stayed and watched about an hour. It was very good, you guys and girls were amazing. It was a nice range of instruments, everyone seems to get along well, it was a pleasure to watch and hear you folks as a group. A little intimidating for a beginner like me, the girl in charge? was very nice, gave her my email to send me some of the music you folks play, so anticipating receiving that, hope they are in tabs?? Thanks for informing me about it, others should check it out too. I think I saw you, you were a bit busy playing, next time I'll try to introduce myself to you. Thanks again, it was great!
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